Stop Sell Checker

What is the Stop Sell and how can you prepare your business to avoid communication challenges such as the ISDN switch off?

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By 2025 Openreach will have updated all their exchanges to the next generation technology, which for many businesses means replacing ISDN, Analogue and ADSL services.

There are two important dates for businesses across the UK

Stop Sell – The date from which no new ISDN, Analogue Line or ADSL services will be provisioned and this can mean no changes to your existing configuration.

Withdrawal – This is the date that digital services will be withdrawn from the exchange and will generally be 18-24 months after the stop sell date.

Use our stop sell checker to see if dates have been announced for your area.  Stop Sell dates and Withdrawal dates are updated as they are announced by Openreach, so if your exchange information is not yet available be sure to check back.

Check your stop sell dates

Your postcode will return the earliest date given for your postcode area, however, as postcodes can be served by various exchanges using your telephone line number will give greater accuracy.