The world of DataKom under John Matthews

Posted on 8th April 2022 under News.

The past few years have been an interesting few, to say the least. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic affecting people and businesses across the UK since early 2020. This has meant companies had to take action to ensure their staff and business assets remained safe whilst retaining the utmost excellent services to their customers.

As everyone will know, this was a challenge for all, as we began to adapt to new ways of working. For DataKom the year 2020 saw an extra change that it had never experienced before. DataKom was getting a new managing director – John Matthews.

This was an exciting time for the company, which saw an additional 2 companies come under the DataKom brand. A new management team undertook the leadership of the evolution of DataKom – with the aim to deliver strategic growth.

A brief history of John Matthews

John is a highly experienced business leader and has provided strong strategic direction and leadership across large corporate organisations and high-growth SME’s over the past 20 years.

John’s senior management positions and experience have extended internationally, including the UK, USA, mainland Europe, and India. His strengths, and enjoyment, lie in creating strong management structures and in the subsequent leadership of those teams to optimise growth within high-performing companies.

John’s new chapter with DataKom

John’s story at DataKom began back in the early months of 2020, at a time when the company was facing challenges it had never had to tackle before.

COVID was changing the way in which people and businesses operated, which meant home working and new management styles had to be introduced. With the entire functioning workforce at home, like every other business – DataKom had to adapt to the changes, fast.

Two years have passed and only success stories can be told, with our desired growth targets being delivered thanks to the tireless efforts of the staff, and directors, John – who as a team have continued to keep the client in the center of all that they do.

DataKom has remained fluid and adapted working practices throughout the pandemic with a mixture of remote and in-house working, to provide continuous excellent services to customers.

As we move deeper into 2022, more and more people returning to the office, and at DataKom we are all excited to be working closely once again with our colleagues and our MD, John Matthews.



John Matthews comments:

“Joining Datakom in March 2020 has proven to be a superb decision for me personally and one which has seen me join the most fantastic team.

As a company, everyone has adapted extremely well to the very difficult conditions of the last 2 years and we are set for an incredible 2022/23. Strong ongoing investment from Southern Communications means we will continue to grow organically, whilst also seeking to add acquisitions to our Wales and SW England operations in the coming months.

I am immensely proud to be just a small part of this exceptional team and look forward to our ongoing success for years to come.”