Highly Scalable, Feature Rich Software for Enterprise-Grade WiFi

At SCG Wales, we offer scalable, reliable, high-performance WiFi with one unified interface. Teamed with Ubiquity, our certified engineers are trained to problem solve, identify & implement hardware and software designed to deliver your business enterprise WiFi solutions that have flawless connectivity especially engineered for your business application – whatever that might be.

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Long Range

Get incredible range with our long-range installations. Endless scalability with one convenient interface. With advanced software features such as flexible LAN group configuration.

Office Connectivity

Installation and deployment of high-performance wireless networks with seamless integration. Plug & play installation & intuitive management eliminates the need for internal IT support.

Site to Site

Multi-site management of WiFi connectivity made simple with our enterprise grade connectivity solutions. Channel-mapped to give you the best connection between sites. Easily manage and configure from one simple interface.

Guest WiFi

Take your business to the next level with a better customer experience when offering guest Wi-Fi. Made extra secure with a dedicated guest network, separate from your office network.

Certified Ubiquiti Engineers

Our engineers are certified through Ubiquiti Networks, the market leading wireless data Communications Company, to deliver enterprise-grade WiFi installations across multiple platforms and uses.