Data, business broadband & WiFi

The quality of your internet has a direct impact on the productivity of your business – whatever your size.
We’ll help you find the right option, however large your appetite for data.

Our offering includes:

  • Business broadband
  • Leased line broadband
  • Satellite broadband
  • Public access WiFi

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Choosing the right internet solution

We’ll do a thorough analysis of your usage and needs, to help you determine what level of connectivity would be most appropriate.

If you’re doing day to day emailing, and run your business largely in a face-to-face context, you’ll probably be best suited to standard business broadband (ADSL or Fibre).

However, if you’re transferring large files, hosting VOIP on your internet line or rely on fast internet speeds, you may find it beneficial to consider a leased line. It can give your business a real advantage with super-fast speeds and responsiveness, meaning better efficiency and productivity.

What are the types of internet connectivity?

Business broadband

Suitable for smaller business with basic internet usage needs and less dependent. Depending on your area, this could vary from ADSL to fibre. 

Leased line broadband

Leased lines, also known as Dedicated Broadband are ideal for any company needing a fast, reliable, non-contended internet connection. 

Site WiFi

Take your business to the next level with a better customer experience when offering guest WiFi. Made extra secure with a dedicated guest network, separate from your office network.

Why choose SCG Wales?

  • We’re independent: we will scan the market to find you the best price, speed and service, so you know you’re choosing the right product
  • 24/7/365 support: we are here to support you and get you back online, in the unlikely event of an internet outage* (*additional fees may apply)
  • Cyber security: we’re able to provide firewalls and DDoS protection as standard, meaning one less thing to worry about

We work with:

Switch to SCG Wales in 3 easy steps

1. Review

We’ll review your current call charges, line rental fees, and any additional services that you require.

2. Quote

We will look for ways you can save money, prepare a personalised quote, and suggest how to add efficiency, improve reliability and integrate new technologies.

3. Connect

Our in-house tech team will arrange the line service and transfer. We’ll notify your current provider and ensure your data services continue running.