Surgery Connect

The UK’s leading telephony solution for medical practices | Ateb ffôn blaenllaw’r DU ar gyfer practisau meddygol

Improve the patient experience and deliver practice efficiencies at scale with a Cloud-based Healthcare Phone System being used by GP surgeries, GP hubs and federations, PCNs and across CCGs.

Gwella profiad y claf a chyflawni effeithlonrwydd practisau ar raddfa fawr gyda System Ffôn Gofal Iechyd yn y Cwmwl yn cael ei defnyddio gan feddygfeydd, hybiau meddygon teulu a ffederasiynau, PCNs ac ar draws CCGs.

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Supporting Digital Transformation | Cefnogi Trawsnewid Digidol

Surgery Connect allows GP practices to easily transition from legacy phone systems to a fully flexible, adaptable, cost-effective and always up-to-date cloud-based system, connecting multiple sites and continually meeting the significant demands made on practices.

  • Advanced Clinical Integration
  • Patient Call Back
  • Mobility

The Cloud-based Healthcare Phone system is used across GP surgeries, GP hubs and federations, PCNs and CCGs, improving the patient experience and delivering efficiencies at scale.

“The Surgery Connect telephony system is the most advanced, healthcare focused telephone system on the market and Switch Medical are delighted to be able to offer this industry leading platform to both our new and existing customers. With the NHS’s drive for cloud telephony in Primary Care, Switch Medical & the Surgery Connect solution are a winning combination in the marketplace during these exciting times of migration to next generation technology”.

Grant Packham – Sales Director, Switch Medical

Switch Medical and SCG Wales are part of the Southern Communications Group.

Easily integrate with clinical systems

Surgery Connect integrates with major clinical systems including EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision* with single sign-on via NHS Smartcard to the Surgery Connect console, clinical system & telephone handset associated to your PC.

Identify patients on an incoming call, embed call logs in the patient record, link recordings and click to dial or send SMS.

Patient Call Back

Patient queue times are dramatically reduced with place in queue notifications and the ability to request a call back when they reach the front of the queue, at no cost to the practice. Easily configurable and fully automated means there is no need for additional staff training, all aspects of intelligent and fair call distribution are maintained.

Surgery Connect Softphone

Included for every user, the Surgery Connect softphone uses WebRTC (browser based) technology, allowing it to work on HSCN connectivity, and operates on the user’s PC or Laptop. Users are able to switch seamlessly mid-call, between audio and video (video triage) and automatically present the practice telephone number, regardless of where they are located (e.g. working from home).

Why Surgery Connect?

Advanced clinical system integration and full call centre technology, with live dashboards displaying queue and staff statistics, historic and on demand reporting help manage workloads, while hot desking and softphone apps enable a mobile workforce.

No more engaged tones, with the call back feature, outbound lines are always maintained, costs are kept low with our inclusive UK calls.

GP Advanced Telephony

GP Advanced Telephony systems will support flexible, responsive and integrated services for patients, giving them more control over their own healthcare.