Cloud-based business telephone systems

from SCG Wales

Experience all the benefits of a premise-based telephone system with the convenience of a hosted one. The cloud-based phone system is perfect for businesses who want a robust system with all the latest features.

Why choose a cloud based telephone system:

  • Excellent solution for small, medium, and large businesses
  • SCG Wales’s own fast, robust and secure hosting platform
  • Enterprise features such as voicemail to email and call forwarding
  • Easily add and remove users
  • Future-proof your business with the latest tech
  • Self-manage with the simple web portal

Need help choosing? Contact our customer experience team.

Business Phone Systems – covering Wales

Whether you’re looking for cloud-based (VOIP), hybrid or on-premise business telephone system, we can advise you on the best fit for you. Our client account managers and field-based engineers cover Wales and South West UK. We do look after clients further afield too – just ask to find out more.

We’ll review your current setup, your recent bills, and current usage, then recommend the best system for your needs. Usually, this means greater efficiency and cost savings – utilising the latest telecom & connectivity technology.

If you’re looking for a new business phone system, we’ve got a range of options that can be set up and scaled easily – meaning adding new users and removing old ones is simple and cost-effective.

SCG Wales feature-rich cloud-based phone systems

Cloud is the future – and SCG Wales cloud systems use industry-leading technology backed up by award-winning support.

With robust software and hardware, you get a reliable platform that is feature-rich and future-proof. Integrations with Outlook, CRM systems, and your team’s mobiles mean a step towards unified communications – efficient, effective, and without data loss.

Phone technology – as crucial as ever


Phones remain crucial to the success of any business. Reliable, fit-for-purpose phone systems are a must for any modern organisation. The world of business phone systems is rapidly changing, so we’ll advise you on a future-proof, effective way forward. As a platinum partner of Ericsson-LG, we offer a range of state-of-the-art, high-quality telephone systems with the latest efficiency-boosting features. From Call Recording and Call Reporting to more advanced features such as Queue Manager, Inbound Intro Manager and Auto Attendant. So, whether you are a multi-site corporate, public education facility, large office, or a small-medium business looking to scale and modernise your telecoms, we have the right business telephone system and complementary innovations to suit your needs.

Cloud-based systems

  • Excellent solution for multi-site businesses
  • Same features & functionality as premise-based phone systems
  • Can be implemented as cloud, hybrid or on-premise where required
  • Scalable with your business growth

Small business systems

  • Simple & reliable system delivering cost-effective communications
  • Feature-rich, straight out of the box
  • Use existing analogue/ digital phone lines
  • Perfect for businesses with 1-20 employees

Medium to large systems

  • Utilise the latest technologies
  • Anytime, anywhere connectivity
  • Reliable & resilient
  • Scalable with your growth

Why choose SCG Wales?


  • Expert advice – you can be confident we’ll advise you on the best system, tailored to your needs
  • Choice – we have every type of system you could need, and we’ll help you choose the right one
  • Reliability – we have invested in our own system and hosting, meaning we can guarantee the quality and reliability of our calls and systems
  • True innovation – a unique innovative product designed our customers in mind with
  • Award-winning support – Read more here – link to support page

Feature rich yet simple

The best technology doesn’t have to be confusing. Your company will soon be able to use hunt groups, call forwarding and auto-attendant to improve efficiency and customer service.


Whether you have a single home office or multiple locations, cloud telephony will suit your specific business needs. Your phone system can easily adapt as your phone system grows.


Inbuilt features will deliver a specialised solution to every user. A straightforward and intuitive web portal makes it easy to manually make changes, move phones or update users.


Colleagues can easily communicate with the manageable tools available. Remote worker access will allow for office communications regardless of your device, location or time.

Self-manage your cloud phone system

A cloud-based phone system is feature rich. With a cloud system you have the ability to access all these features using the web link allocated when signing up. You then have the flexibility to manually make changes from any device with an internet connection.

You can:

  • Modify users and view call history
  • Set your office out of hours, eg lunch hour
  • Forward unanswered calls to another user or device
  • And much more…

Our complimentary webinars provide you with the tools and resources to manage your system.

SCG Wales, a Platinum Partner with Ericsson- LG


Ericsson-LG is the market leader in communications technology. They provide organisations of all sizes with innovative business solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Bring iPECS ONE to your business:

iPECS ONE is a solution designed to optimise all of your business communication needs. With iPECS ONE you are granted the freedom to work from anywhere at any given time.

Start collaborating straight from your web browser or mobile application. 

  • Voice call
  • Chat
  • Spaces
  • Video call
  • Contacts
  • Call log

Want to know more about unified communications?