Business mobile phone plans

Personalised account management along with flexible packages and plans. We work with you to find the best tariffs for your business mobile account

  • SCG Wales: mobile has 99.5% coverage in the UK
  • We offer 30-day plans and 12-month contracts
  • We’re not tied to one supplier

Mix and match all the major networks on a single invoice.

SCG Wales: Mobile – Business Mobile Experts

SCG Wales: Mobile allows your company to access wholesale agreements from EE, O2 and Vodafone. SCG Wales customers can access all three major business networks on any handsets… but all under one bill and one supplier, SCG Wales: Mobile.

It means the best and most flexible mobile packages are always available to you, regardless of network.

But better still, you can mix and match your deals across the three networks – meaning you are buying more efficiently for your needs. You can tailor which deals to choose based on what each employee needs, take into account signal in the areas they operate. You’ll also get access to benefits such as exclusive travel bundles.

SCG Wales: Mobile also gives the option to set a monthly allowance on a business mobile phone – preventing users exceeding their call, SMS and data allowances with simple alerts.

Handsets and contracts

With so many handsets and networks out there, it’s hard work finding the right setup. Different departments and job functions have different needs – and it can be a laborious job to find the right setup for each person.

We’re here to make that easy for you. Our consultants can help you build a bespoke package that matches your needs at the best possible price.

About our network

  • 99.5% coverage with SCG Wales: mobile
  • 30-day plans and 12/24 month contracts
  • We are independent

What’s different about SCG Wales: Mobile?

SCG Wales: Mobile is our own virtual network which means you have one provider – but access to three different networks with the same tariffs and pricing, meaning complete UK network coverage and the best deals.

We bill and manage your account direct, so no more dealing with call centres or retail shops for support or service.

Our network can operate on a 30-day term for sim only, or 2-3 years if you would like to spread the cost of a mobile handset.

Why choose SCG Wales?

  • Independent – we work with multiple networks as well as our own, so you’re always connected
  • One service – we’re able to provide a complete, seamless integration from your mobile to your desk phone
  • Flexible – we’re able to build a package based on multiple carriers, but you only receive one monthly bill from SCG Wales.

We work with:

Switch to SCG Wales in 3 easy steps

1. Review

We’ll review your current call charges, line rental fees, and any additional services that you require.

2. Quote

We will look for ways you can save money, prepare a personalised quote, and suggest how to add efficiency, improve reliability and integrate new technologies.

3. Connect

Our in-house tech team will arrange the line service and transfer. We’ll notify your current provider and ensure your data services continue running.