Call reporting and call tracking software

Monitor and review incoming and outgoing calls with iCall Suite

With a KloudPBX phone system’s reporting, you can:

  • Return missed calls
  • View call traffic in real-time
  • Analyse call traffic and identify peak times
  • Customised dashboard
  • Easily export data and create targeted reports

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What is iCall Suite?

Manage service levels and make informed decisions

  • Unreturned missed calls are identified enabling a rapid recovery of abandoned or lost calls
  • Browse an extensive catalogue of reports or use filters to customise your own to identify trends in performance. Report on call activity by extension, department, DDI and user
  • Incoming call analytics. Measure call volumes, targets, grade of service, percentage calls answered and unreturned missed calls
  • Schedule reports for yesterday, last week or custom dates
    Executive reports collate data from multiple reports and provide observations and recommended actions
  • Customised dashboards and wallboards add a tv to your office to showcase the call traffic and observations from the phone system

Detailed analysis enables you to maximise staff and resource productivity, minimise costs, avoid missed opportunities from dropped calls and deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Benefits of call reporting

Provide enhanced customer service

With careful observations come actions that can lead to better customer service and satisfaction to improve future call usage

auto attendant

Improve call handling

Monitor call performance and identify peak times to optimise staff levels during these periods

Understand call traffic

Display the information that matters on wallboards to enable executive staff to quickly understand overall system usage and caller experience.

Staff performance reviews

Managers can evaluate team performance and balance workloads based on call volume and call wait times.

Key features

iCall Suite is a call recording and call reporting system, which all our Kloud PBX phone systems use. The dashboard offers you greater insights and control of your communication platform than you’ve ever experienced.

The application uses real-time and historical data so you can view the performance of communications of your business on one simple dashboard. You can see who called, when and how long the calls lasted – and listen to how the calls were handled.

From call reporting, call recording, call centre management, and inbound/outbound call viability, iCall Suite will transport your business to new levels and allow you to oversee what is happening… in real time.

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