Business network and cable installation

To operate efficiently, your business needs the latest technologies and highest quality cabling products and installation.
We can help with:

  • Fibre networks
  • Leased line installation
  • Cat5/Cat6 network cabling

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About SCG Wales network and fibre cabling installation

Fibre optic cable is the key link between equipment rooms and telecommunications cabinets, usually when there is a large network data transfer requirement. SCG Wales has been the partner of choice for many large-scale cabling projects in 2017.

We’re proud of the quality of our network installation service across the UK and Wales. Our qualified engineering team can supply and install various types of cabling with a 25-year guarantee (additional fees may apply).

Our in-house provisioning team manages the entire process, from data installation and testing to providing ongoing support. Be reassured that all your information needs can be resolved by one easy phone call to our dedicated technical support team.

Cabling options?


A Cat5 or Cat6 wired solution will provide you with ample bandwidth with connection speeds between 10 and 1000 Mbps. The dedicated bandwidth to each connection point provides consistent connectivity across all users, making it ideal for SMEs. We also install Excel and Molex CAT cabling, complete with a 25-year guarantee (fees may apply).

Fibre optic cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling has the ability to rapidly transfer data over long distances with significantly less interference. It’s a modern and cost-effective alternative to copper cabling, particularly when longer distances are in consideration. We also offer solutions to increase the security of your Fibre Optic Cabling – contact us to find out more.

WiFi services

Teamed with Ubiquiti Networks, our trained and expert engineers are dedicated to installing enterprise-grade WiFi for your business or organisation. You’ll receive flawless connectivity which has been engineered completely for the applications of your business.

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