Giving the gift of communications for Christmas

Posted on 16th December 2021 under Blog.

Christmas is without a doubt one of the busiest times of the year, for individuals and especially businesses. Many industries will find themselves swept off their feet for the month of December with customers and callers trying to purchase from them. There are ways in which businesses can boost and tailor their communications to assist with the festive times.

Festive on-hold advertisement

On hold advertisement is a brilliant and unique way in which businesses can advertise directly to its customers. Promoting either the services or products in which they wish to sell. This feature automatically kicks in when a customer calls into your business. When the caller waits for a member of staff to answer the call, instead of listening to the ringing, the caller will hear a personalised voice message. Either advertising your products, services, or providing the caller with other useful information such as seasonal opening times.

The auto attendant’s voice can be completely customized to suit your businesses feel, as well as accommodate a more festive approach.

For example, in the winter months why not have Father Christmas promoting your business? Making these small but unique changes over festive periods can really improve the experience for customers calling making your business rememberable for future calls.

Providing customers with a professional on-hold message can enhance the quality of the first impression you give to potential customers. It can also be useful to assist callers’ identity their position in the call queue, time and their custom is valued.

On hold marketing turns waiting time into valuable marketing space. Meaning you can boost revenue by advertising your business to a captive audience. Your bespoke on-hold messages turn dead airtime, into sales opportunities!

Callers who experience silence or long ring time on hold will often hang up shortly after they have been answered, while callers who hear on-hold music will stay on the line far longer, reducing the risk of lost business.

Business SMS marketing

Business SMS marketing is a fantastic way to help reach out and communicate with your whole customer database at the click of a button. Send ten to ten thousand SMS text messages, depending how many messages and customers you wish to target.

With full flexibility to what you can send, personalise your messages to promote certain products or services!

Again, using the festive time of year, why not make Decembers messages Christmas themed? For example, a text from Santa advertising seasonal promotions or gifts. You can also use SMS marketing to send polite reminders to customers who may have appointments scheduled with you. These reminders will help decrease the number of missed appointments, freeing up your time over busy festive periods.


A large percentage of any business’s first point of contact with a supplier or customer is via the telephone – meaning the first impression counts. So, if you wish to apply an auto-attendant onto your telecoms, make sure you contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or email