Professional voice recording

Custom-on hold advertising

On-hold voiceovers can help:

  • Improve customer service
  • Get across important information
  • Direct calls to the right place
  • Improve how people see your brand

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Why voiceovers matter

70% of any business’s first contact with a supplier or customer is via the telephone, so the first impression really counts.

Having an “auto attendant” means you answer all your incoming calls automatically – and allows the caller to press a number for the department they require. For example, 1 for sales, 2 for support

When purchasing a telephone system such as KloudPBX you can record your own messages – but these can sound unprofessional or unclear.

SCG Wales is now working in partnership with Fresh Air Studios to provide fantastic pricing on all your “on-hold” music productions, greetings, or general information messages. With a professionally recorded voiceover, you can leave a lasting positive impression and provide better customer service.

Have a listen to the samples below – or contact SCG Wales today to enquire further about bespoke voiceover options for your telephone system.

on hold recording

Personalise your Voiceover Options

The above samples are just a small selection of how your voiceover can sound. Your brand dictates how you want your voiceover to sound – whether that’s to sound trustworthy, energetic or calming.

Whether you need a male or female voice, young or old, we have an extensive selection through our partnership – and can help you find the right sound for your company.

Please note: The final music production is fully licensed for on-hold use by the licensee only, and does not require a PRS licence.

Listen to our large range of sample music and voice options.