Month: June 2017

5 reasons companies are moving to the Cloud 26th June 2017

Cloud computing continues to creep into businesses of any size, and the “cloud” is no longer a trendy buzzword. The cloud has become a viable alternative to many different services that, until recently, were only available via on-premises cumbersome hardware. Which on its own drove the need for specialist staff to manage that hardware, leading […]

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Top 5 cloud-based tools every business should adopt 13th June 2017

Disruptive cloud-based tools have made many businesses more agile. A lot of things once done on-premises can now be achieved a lot more easily online. Once you have the basics set up, such as phone systems and broadband, there’s still a lot you can do to make your business work more efficiently. But with so […]

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10 common cloud-based phone system myths – busted 5th June 2017

Effective communication is essential to any successful business. Many businesses already have a traditional phone system, but as technology is constantly evolving, many are moving their phone system online. A cloud-based phone system offers a flexible, feature-rich experience and great service. But understandably many queries arise, such as what happens if the internet goes down. […]

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