10 common cloud-based phone system myths – busted

Posted on 5th June 2017 under Blog.

Effective communication is essential to any successful business. Many businesses already have a traditional phone system, but as technology is constantly evolving, many are moving their phone system online. A cloud-based phone system offers a flexible, feature-rich experience and great service. But understandably many queries arise, such as what happens if the internet goes down.

We understand not everyone has the time to be fact-checking, so we’ve answered 10 of the most common cloud-phone system myths.

1. Call quality over the internet is not as clear as calls made over a traditional phone line

Our cloud-based phone system, KloudPBX, uses high-quality equipment which is backed up across multiple data centres, utilising the UK’s leading SIP channels on the market. This means the call quality is often better thanks to HD voice which is also standard across our Ericsson-LG handset range. Our data centres prioritise VoIP traffic, so there’s no interference.

2. Phones will not work if the internet goes down

We have a system in place unique to KloudPBX which allows for automatic call rerouting to a destination of your choice should your handset lose connection to the internet. Alternatively, we can install hardware onsite to provide a completely redundant system.

3. Cloud systems can’t do everything a traditional phone system can

KloudPBX does everything a traditional on-premises system can – call forwarding, voicemail, music on hold and more. Because KloudPBX is a phone system in the cloud, you have the confidence that your phone system is always up-to-date – taking advantage of the latest features as soon as they are released.

4. You can’t use existing handsets, so it’ll be expensive

It’s possible to re-use some of your own equipment and handsets. However, we recommend a complete replacement to ensure a feature-rich experience and best service possible. Plus, you can keep your existing business phone numbers when switching to KloudPBX.

5. Switching to a cloud-based phone means losing control

It’s true that you no longer have the cumbersome hardware on your premises, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have full control over the system. In fact, KloudPBX offers greater control over user accounts and system features – all managed via the user-friendly web portal.

6. Cloud-based phones are only for large businesses

KloudPBX is adaptable to any size business. Smaller companies to enterprise businesses have the benefit of easily adding new users as they grow with the touch of a button. KloudPBX offers complete call control by you from anywhere in the world.

7. Added-features will cost more

Added features come to users absolutely free. Voicemail to email, call logging, music on hold, auto attendant, plus much more is included.

8. Managing a cloud-phone system is complicated

KloudPBX is simple to manage – updates and maintenance to the system are automatic. Any user admin can add new call routes and new extensions can be easily managed via the portal.

9. There will be major disruptions installing a cloud-phone system

It’s actually very simple – KloudPBX can often be run over your existing data network. We also provide full structured cabling installations, so you can sit back while our project management team is taking care of the setup. Our KloudPBX experts will install and train your team to ensure you are getting the most out of your new telephone system

10. It’s not future-proofed

KloudPBX will automatically upgrade when a new version of the software is released – so you don’t have to worry about running upgrades yourself and you’ll always have the latest technology available.