Month: January 2018

DataKom shortlisted for ‘Growth Business of the Year’ at the South Wales Chamber of Commerce Welsh Business Awards 2017 30th January 2018

DataKom has been shortlisted for the ‘Growth Business of the Year’ award at the South Wales Chamber of Commerce Welsh Business Awards 2017. The Awards recognise businesses who play a fundamental role in driving the Welsh economy forward. They celebrate success, excellence in best practice, and the contribution Welsh businesses make to the wider community. […]

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6 killer ways to improve productivity at work 30th January 2018

When you are fully concentrating at work, sometimes your productivity can be hindered, and you can face a creative slowdown. My job role as Marketing Executive involves a wide range of activities. I experience writer’s block, creative block and mental block. It’s inevitable, but it’s what you do in the situation that really matters. There […]

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Digital transformation: Is your business ready for it?

Digital transformation: Is your business ready for it? 16th January 2018

Telecommunication technologies are changing every few months and it can be overwhelming for small and medium-sized businesses. Yet SMEs have a distinct advantage over multinational companies in the digital environment – the ease of employing and adapting to new tech trends as long as a secure digital investment structure is in place. What is digital […]

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The importance of level 4 care on your telephone line services 8th January 2018

In the modern world of communication, it is more important than ever that customers can always reach your business. Disruptions to internet or phone services can prevent daily operations and your business could miss out on sales or even decrease customer satisfaction. With a growing number of businesses using these communication services, there is more […]

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DataKom response to the annual survey on the future of the telecom industry 7th January 2018

The ‘ Intelligence Annual Industry Survey 2017’ is an annual report which provides an insight into the diverse telecoms industry. It highlights how the industry is driven by new technology innovations, business pressures, and more exacting demands from customers. The initial survey gathers thoughts and data from 1,500 telecoms professionals, with the cumulative experience of […]

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