DataKom response to the annual survey on the future of the telecom industry

Posted on 7th January 2018 under Blog.

The ‘ Intelligence Annual Industry Survey 2017’ is an annual report which provides an insight into the diverse telecoms industry.

It highlights how the industry is driven by new technology innovations, business pressures, and more exacting demands from customers.

The initial survey gathers thoughts and data from 1,500 telecoms professionals, with the cumulative experience of 24,000 years.

The report looks at the professionals’ perspective and thoughts on six specific areas which affect telecoms today, including ultra-broadband to test and measurement via IoT (Internet of Things), NFV (Network Functions Virtualization), SDN (Software-Defined Networking), video and security.

Key findings include:

  • 77% feel positive about the telecoms industry’s prospects for 2018
  • 62% say emerging technologies are critical to the industry’s long-term success
  • 56% say IoT is a priority investment area for their company in 2018
  • 54% of operators say their company will increase spending on SDN in 2018

DataKom see advancements in the telecom industry as opportunities to provide more innovative services and products

The report highlights that when faced with inevitable change, the telecoms sector usually takes its time in moving on from its legacy technologies and processes. Many of the professionals agree that network operators are going to need to pick up the pace.

We maintain a focus on our cloud-based phone systems, so our customers only receive the most cutting-edge products.

Cloud is the future

This includes our KloudPBX phone system, which offers ground-breaking features and communication. The remote worker access allows for office communications regardless of your device, location or time.

Our phone systems offer complete integration and unified communications to our clients. They provide the ability to keep all communications on one platform represent the future of telecoms and are therefore more than just ‘phone systems’.

The report clearly indicates that many telecom professionals aren’t prioritising, or investing, in the most important areas for the future of communications – including ultra-fast broadband and the Cloud.

Ultra Broadband a good opportunity for better business

We view Ultra Broadband, which provides downstream data rates of 100Mbit/s or more, as important advances which will improve network performance, reliability, and deliver advances services (5G, 4K video etc) – and are committed to investing in the best possible products for our customers

The report suggests that while most network operators realise the importance of these speeds, they are uncertain whether they can deliver these speeds and stay within budget. Only 2.3% of the professionals said that UBB would be a waste of their time.

Others in the telecom industry may not be willing to make the investment to meet the mandate and are feeling the pressure to lower profit margins.

In contrast, our customers receive the most cutting-edge products at the best prices so they can give their business the best future.

You can download and read the full 37-page report for free.