Month: December 2017

The importance of keeping up to date technology in the workplace 29th December 2017

All businesses use technology. It determines how customers reach and interact with your business and it can drive company growth. Today’s workplace has little in common with those a few decades ago. Typewriters have been replaced by computers, tablets and laptops, devices have decreased in size and access to the internet is frequently available remotely. […]

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Guest WiFi as a powerful marketing tool 15th December 2017

Have you considered using WiFi as a tool to attract new customers? In universities, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, airports, healthcare institutions, any large public facility, accessing WiFi is often expected. Our need to be online is acknowledged across the board. Regardless of whether you have your own large marketing department, or simply doing it yourself, […]

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What is HD Voice and how does it deliver better call quality? 8th December 2017

You may recognise the term ‘HD’ (high definition) from seeing it on your TV, but it’s also used to describe other improved technologies. HD Voice offers crystal clear voice calls compared to traditional call audio. It provides high-quality conversations and effectively eliminates background noise – with the correct equipment and setup in place. A report […]

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