Month: February 2021

welsh telecoms provider

Welsh telecoms provider – DataKom Telecom Experts 26th February 2021

Based in South Wales, Bridgend, we are a Welsh telecoms provider who prides ourselves on delivering excellence in services such as business telecommunication, broadband, guest WiFi and so much more. We have been connecting businesses across Wales for over 14 years, with a customer base ranging from small to large businesses –including local businesses in […]

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Moving your estate agency forward with VoIP 17th February 2021

Today’s fast-paced workload may be a struggle for most estate agents to keep up with – attending house viewings, replying to emails, dealing with contractors and so much more. You may find yourself at the end of each day wishing there were more hours to help fulfill what feels like a never-ending list of tasks. […]

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Are telephones still valuable to businesses

Why is telecommunication important? 10th February 2021

Telecommunication is an essential tool in today’s business world, used for communication, call management and so much more. If you are a business today and require a remote workforce, most telecommunications companies will enable that to happen as well. Telecommunication will enable your business to succeed in advertising your products or services as well as […]

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telecoms Bridgend

It’s time to throw out your outdated technology 3rd February 2021

We are without a doubt living in the future of technology, and a lot of businesses have evolved with the changing times and have upgraded their business with newer, faster and more efficient technology. However, there are also a lot of businesses which haven’t… Are you one of them? Technology plays a huge role in […]

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