Why is telecommunication important?

Posted on 10th February 2021 under Blog.

Telecommunication is an essential tool in today’s business world, used for communication, call management and so much more. If you are a business today and require a remote workforce, most telecommunications companies will enable that to happen as well.

Telecommunication will enable your business to succeed in advertising your products or services as well as connecting directly with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Business telephony is the most commonly used mode of communication for companies and customers to interact with one another. Of course, closely followed by emailing and website chat boxes. The reason why business telephony is the best form of communication is that it allows callers to have direct and instant information delivered to them from the heart of the business they connect with.

Why adopt VoIP telephony?

VoIP is now a commonly used term for most businesses when speaking about their telephone solutions – as now more than ever people are adopting VoIP systems to help benefit their businesses.

VoIP telephony allows your business to run its telecommunications over an internet (IP) connection, meaning there is a zero charge for your calls. This cost-effective benefit is one of many other advantages your business can excel from with VoIP. VoIP telephones are feature-rich and can assist in the organic growth of any business who upgrades their telecommunications to this solution.

Are telephones still valuable to businesses

Remote working

At the heart of remote work and a remote workforce is the connectivity involved and provided by the business. Are customers still able to verbally communicate with staff within a company?

There are many solutions which offer assistance with business remote working, however, there are only a few which will offer easy remote working – with features to still benefit the business and its users.

VoIP telephony is a game-changer when remote working for businesses this year, allowing staff member’s remote connectivity to continue their work-load from their homes with no interruption to business communications. 

Is VoIP video telephony the future?

As the current lockdown continues, people are getting more comfortable with video calling and using platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These solutions allow multiple people to access one chat/video room with such a flexible way to communicate their business goals to leaders and colleagues around the world, it is both cost-saving and time-efficient for businesses today.

DataKom also offers exclusive handsets such as the iPECS LIP 9071 which allow users to use a traditional handset with the bonus of a video conference telephone with its built-in tablet with HD video and audio.

Support with your telecommunication

In today’s business world, customer support is essential for business continuity. Through the use of support teams and chat platforms, businesses can connect to their customers like never before. This communication gives businesses a grasp of trends in business and the ability to connect to their customer base, which enables them to keep their customers informed and content with their services. The support given from technical support as well as general customer support can be made possible by telecommunications.


At DataKom we can provide your business with the utmost excellent telecommunications solution supported with ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your business stays connected. To upgrade your business to VoIP contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or email sales@datakom.co.uk.