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Posted on 26th February 2021 under Blog.

Based in South Wales, Bridgend, we are a Welsh telecoms provider who prides ourselves on delivering excellence in services such as business telecommunication, broadband, guest WiFi and so much more.

We have been connecting businesses across Wales for over 14 years, with a customer base ranging from small to large businesses –including local businesses in Bridgend such as K2 Gym and further afield and in North Wales.

We are passionate about new technology and how it can help businesses and organisations flourish and grow. With communication technology at our forefront, we guarantee we can help propel any business into the future of communication, guiding them in the right direction to avoid the risk of telephony challenges such as the ISDN switch off.

Our VoIP telephony

A huge benefit of VoIP is it can allow your business to save money each month. For instance, your telephone system will continue to acts like a traditional handset, allowing users to make and receive telephone calls. However, VoIP telephone calls are made using the internet (Voice over IP) meaning the calls you make are completely free of charge – saving your business money on your telephone bills.

welsh telecoms provider

DataKom’s other services

DataKom offers other services which benefit business communication such as, broadband connectivity, business mobiles, guest WiFi – as well as cloud telephone applications and features.

These cloud features are there to improve the everyday use of the business telephone system – making it easier than ever to communicate. You can transfer calls with the click of a button, put callers on hold, divert calls, listen to voicemails and so much more.

DataKom’s weekly articles provide information to expand your knowledge around the telecoms industry, making sure you always kept up to date with changes, tips and features of your solutions.


To boost your business communication and save you money each month on your telephone bill make sure you contact DataKom on 01656 33 44 55 or email sales@datakom.co.uk.