Month: May 2021

Does your business telephone do this

Does your business telephone do this? 26th May 2021

Email and social media are powerful modes of communication for businesses; however, they still lack the instant efficiency which a telephone can provide. Customers are more obliged to call into a business as it is simpler and can expect to receive a direct response to their needs. The only negative impact that a telephone can […]

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How can a broadband connection save you money

How can a broadband connection save you money? 20th May 2021

Technology is always changing, and businesses need to always be learning how innovation and development within the tech world can benefit their business. For instance, broadband connectivity has been around for many years now, but that doesn’t mean it has stayed the same since day one. Go back 20 years and you would find yourself […]

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5 reasons why VoIP telephony trumps traditional telephone lines 13th May 2021

The term VoIP is becoming a commonly known term in the world of business, with many people and business owners hugely benefiting from it now. To people who are unaware of what VoIP is and what it can offer your business, we are here to help you gain a fuller understanding of its benefits over […]

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Strengthening your gyms communications

Strengthening your gyms communications 4th May 2021

After many months of closing, gyms are finally reopening, allowing people to return to their fitter and healthier lifestyle. With gyms reopening you can expect people to be flooding through the doors of their local gym to kick start their fitness plans once again. For all gym owners, this is an ideal time and opportunity […]

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