How can a broadband connection save you money?

Posted on 20th May 2021 under Blog.

Technology is always changing, and businesses need to always be learning how innovation and development within the tech world can benefit their business.

For instance, broadband connectivity has been around for many years now, but that doesn’t mean it has stayed the same since day one. Go back 20 years and you would find yourself having to dial up waiting and listening to the horrible dial up sound while your computer slowly connects to the internet.

The world has come a long way since these times, with the internet becoming more accessible and faster to tune into from most smart devices. For businesses this can benefit them hugely – with quick access to the internet using smart devices, phones, laptops and computers at faster speeds than ever.

But how can my business broadband connection save the business money?

How can a broadband connection save you money

Internet telephones saves on telephone costs

Using your broadband for telephony, with a VoIP system can mean significant savings on call costs and line rentals. What do you look for in a telecommunication system?  What would you say to a telephone system that works just like any other telephone system, but it has additional built-in features to improve user efficiency as well as saving you money on your phone bill each month! It almost sounds too good to be true.

VoIP is the future of telecommunications. A VoIP, cloud-based or hosted telephone system delivers calls over a SIP connection using an internet connection and can be used by businesses of any size. Providing excellent communications for all businesses looking for high-quality audio and/or video telephone calls.

VoIP telephony can save your business money with SIP Trunks being cheaper than ISDN line rentals. Delivered over your internet connection means call costs can be dramatically reduced with carriers providing inclusive call bundles.

By replacing  traditional telephony with cloud system, m your business can benefit from a  world of flexibility for hybrid working environments and robust features such as call recording, voice mail to email and more. Most importantly a VoIP telephone system will save your business money each month!

Finding a VoIP & broadband supplier

DataKom can supply an excellent telephony solution for small, medium and large businesses with our own fast, robust and secure hosting platform KloudPBX. We are able future-proof your telecommunications and protect you from telecom disturbances such as the ISDN switch off.

At DataKom we can also supply your business with an effective and long-lasting internet connection. Whether you need fibre networks, lease line installations or Cat5 / Cat6 network cabling we can ensure your business will be equipped with the highest standard of broadband connectivity. With your fast and reliable broadband connection, you, your staff and your smart devices will be able to work at their up most efficient speeds.


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