5 reasons why VoIP telephony trumps traditional telephone lines

Posted on 13th May 2021 under Blog.

The term VoIP is becoming a commonly known term in the world of business, with many people and business owners hugely benefiting from it now. To people who are unaware of what VoIP is and what it can offer your business, we are here to help you gain a fuller understanding of its benefits over a traditional telephone system.

You will save money with VoIP

The biggest advantage that VoIP telephony holds over any other telephone system is that it is cheaper to run. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) means that your telephones use an internet connection to power their calls. Meaning all inbound and outbound calls are delivered over an internet connection instead of a traditional line – so all you need is a trustworthy broadband connection and you are ready to make calls and many of them will even be free!


Your call handlers will become more efficient

With the help of VoIP telephony your staff can achieve their peak of efficiency with directional flex keys and built in software. At the touch of a button members of staff can transfer calls, put callers hold and so much more.

Each handset can be programmed using the portal, so each and every user can have their own personal flex key options, to suit their preferences. On each of our handsets there are flex keys which allow users to dial out, transfer and so on with just one touch. You can set these keys up to represent departments, or individual people, so customers can be easily diverted using a single key rather than remembering extension numbers.

Features that benefit all businesses

VoIP telephony comes standard with a bundle of features which boost callers’ experience and staff efficiency. These features can be beneficial to most businesses, medical practices and education environments. Some of the commonly used features of VoIP are:

  • Call recording
  • Call queuing
  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail to email
  • CRM integration
  • Music on hold
  • Click to dial
  • Video conferencing
  • Multi-site working
  • Remote working
  • Smart phone applications
Easy installation and remote problem solving

When installing or replacing your current system with a VoIP solution, the transition period is quick and painless. Once you have decided on your solution, a telecoms engineer will set a date for your install. Most installs can be done within the day, and for larger sites two days.

We understand that any down time is potential loss of business. That is why we ensure the turnaround is completed as efficiently and timely as possible – to reduce the number of missed calls and business opportunities.

A scalable telephone system

I can imagine most business owners reading this have plans to grow their business and the brilliant thing about VoIP telephony is, you won’t be able to outgrow your phone system. Given the flexibility to add or remove users or handsets to assist with your business’s growth and development. So your business will be set up for the future! You can grow alongside your communications meaning you won’t have to seek an alternative system as you grow.

To learn more about our VoIP telephone solutions you can contact us for a free demonstration. You can call us on 01656 33 44 55 or email our sales team at sales@datakom.co.uk.