Does your business telephone do this?

Posted on 26th May 2021 under Blog.

Email and social media are powerful modes of communication for businesses; however, they still lack the instant efficiency which a telephone can provide. Customers are more obliged to call into a business as it is simpler and can expect to receive a direct response to their needs.

The only negative impact that a telephone can make to a business is when calls don’t get answered. If calls are not getting answered then your business is missing out on opportunities and customer satisfaction will decline, due to their demands not being fulfilled. So, how can businesses reduce missed calls or monitor missed calls and act upon that knowledge?

Hosted telephony acts like any other traditional telephone system, however, its cloud technology expands its feature-heavy interface and software – prioritising user efficiency and customer experience to strengthen your communications.

Call monitoring software

Monitoring software expands your knowledge on callers, call time, missed calls and more – meaning you can report on this data to improve the customer experience. For instance, when a customer’s call goes unanswered, with monitoring software you are able to track the caller’s number, how many times they have called and at what times they are called. With this information your call handlers will be able to plan a returned call to the customer, save the sale and keep the customer happy.

Voicemail to email

This feature is useful for workers who find themselves working away from their office / desk phone for a larger amount of time.  This feature grants the ability for workers to still receive their voicemails when away from their telephone.

Voicemails are automatically transferred and sent from your office handset to your smartphone which can then be listened to whilst out of the office. This will reduce the call back time that a customer will have to wait after they have left your business a voicemail.

Mobile twinning

If you are a worker who rarely finds themselves at an office or even in one place for a period of time, you might want to consider mobile twinning.

Mobile twinning is a feature which allows you to link your office cloud-based handset to your mobile device. By linking the two together you are enabling yourself to freely remote work. The purpose of this feature is to make sure work calls don’t go missed. If no one is available to answer your office handset the call will be immediately diverted to your mobile device for you to answer. The best part is that the caller won’t even be aware that their call is being diverted to your mobile.

Does your business telephone do this
Music on hold and call queuing

Music on hold and call queuing features inform and guide your customers through a route of navigational pathways, with tailored messaging to help them through the journey. For instance, most businesses you call might have a call navigation system such as, press 1 for sales, 2 for technical support, 3 for customer services and so on.

This feature can help reduce dropped callers as it enables them to speak directly with the department they need. Installing such a simple feature helps your customers navigate with ease.



These features are just scratching the surface of the capabilities that a hosted-telephony solution can provide. By upgrading your telecommunications, you will be future proofing your telecoms as well as equipping your business with a feature heavy solution providing excellent communication.

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