Month: June 2021

VoIP for retail

It’s all in the detail of retail 28th June 2021

The world of retail is a completely different environment to most industries. The way in which retail businesses communicate and sell to its customers differs from most other industries. However, that does not mean retail businesses don’t communicate or sell to customers. If you want to own a successful retail store in the UK, you […]

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How to improve rural broadband speeds

How to improve rural broadband speeds 21st June 2021

There are many reasons to why businesses may have slower broadband speeds, and business owners located in rural areas will face an even bigger challenge with their connectivity speeds. Working remotely or in more rural areas of the UK such as the countryside often means slower broadband, poor mobile coverage and higher service costs. If […]

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Is VoIP suitable for small businesses

Is VoIP suitable for small businesses? 8th June 2021

Small businesses will always be the foundation of what makes local and trustworthy businesses great! However, there will always be a challenge with competing against more larger and corporate businesses. But that does not mean smaller businesses cannot benefit from some of the same technology and features which the larger do. VoIP telephony has been […]

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Why is hotel WiFi so important

Why is hotel WiFi so important? 3rd June 2021

With people becoming more reliant on their internet connection, from business travellers to the social media lovers, an internet connection is vitally important. When people travel, whether it would be for business or pleasure, guests would be more influenced to stay at a hotel which can provide them a good internet connection. Providing your guests […]

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