It’s all in the detail of retail

Posted on 28th June 2021 under Blog.

The world of retail is a completely different environment to most industries. The way in which retail businesses communicate and sell to its customers differs from most other industries. However, that does not mean retail businesses don’t communicate or sell to customers.

If you want to own a successful retail store in the UK, you will need more than a few desirable products. To fully achieve the most out of your business you will need to think about all functions of the business and how they can be improved. You may think to yourself, but nothing needs improving? As the saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ This theory doesn’t really apply to VoIP telephony…  

Your current telephone set-up may work well, and you may have not thought of any need to change it. However, switching your solution for a VoIP system will hugely benefit your retail business, allowing you to improve communication and help reduce spending.

VoIP for retail

So how can VoIP benefit my retail shop?

Telecoms probably don’t play a huge role in most retail businesses, so it’s understandable why it would be easy to forget about. However, if your retail business has yet to upgrade to VoIP, then you could be missing out on some potential savings as well as communication benefits.

You may be satisfied enough knowing your current telephone can help you make and receive calls, however that may be its limitation. VoIP has a shop load of benefits for users to take advantage of – from call features that improve telecom efficiency to cost-effective solutions which can save you money.


Call recording

VoIP telephony is designed to enhance efficiency through its advanced communication features. These features, such as call recording, help build a more positive experience for yourself, customers and suppliers who contact you.

This feature can be used to capture detailed conversations such as a customer’s purchase orders and be used for training purposes allowing you to listen back over recordings to minimise mistakes when taking orders over the phone and improve staff performance.


On-hold music / advertisement

On-hold music and advertisement can be tailored to your retail business needs and requirements. By uploading custom messaging to promote your products and call routing to help guide callers to relevant departments you can save the caller time, improving their calling experience and pass messages about your products and offers onto your customers.


VoIP will save you money

One of the many popular reasons retail businesses are upgrading their telecoms to a VoIP solution is to save money. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cost-effective high-quality solution that will take any business’s communication to the next level.

VoIP is the next generation of telephony after traditional ISDN lines. As VoIP calls are transmitted over an internet connection, each call you make will cost you absolutely nothing. Therefore reducing your overall monthly telephone bill.


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