How to improve rural broadband speeds

Posted on 21st June 2021 under Blog.

There are many reasons to why businesses may have slower broadband speeds, and business owners located in rural areas will face an even bigger challenge with their connectivity speeds. Working remotely or in more rural areas of the UK such as the countryside often means slower broadband, poor mobile coverage and higher service costs.

If your broadband is slow, purely due to your location, then it will impact other areas of the business – such as internet-based equipment such as VoIP telephones, computers and other devices.

This will result in a reduced workflow and slower productivity meaning your business will not be performing to its highest standard of efficiency.

How to improve rural broadband speeds

How to overcome these challenges?

Have no fear, as rural broadband connection challenges can be a thing of the past, with a variety of options to choose from, your remote business can be supplied with a fast and reliable internet connection!


WiFi Dongle

A great way to speed up any rural broadband is to install a WiFi dongle. This set up is more of a temporary measure and wouldn’t suggest using this system for long. However, dongles have long been the standard for data connections across the UK for many years. Dongles have the ability to achieve reliable speeds which offer users a strong online browsing experience.

If you are needing a temporary boost, a dongle solution can provide connectivity to your business to prevent any business downtime during challenging times.


4G/5G Receivers

A 4G receiver is more of a permanent solution for rural businesses seeking fast broadband speeds. 4G masts are dotted around the UK to support remote businesses who install the receivers to express greater connectivity. The masts broadcast internet connectivity, meaning if your receiver is pointing in the direction of the mast, you shall receive a connection.

4G is widely available and there is almost bound to be a mast near where you live and/or work.

Some areas may already be able to benefit from 5G for even faster connectivity.


Dedicated leased line

Leased lines, also known as dedicated broadband, are ideal for any company needing a fast, reliable, non-contended internet connection.

There are many benefits to installing a dedicated lease line within your business, the biggest benefit being it can offer faster speeds. It is a reliable method which can guarantee brilliant speeds, even for larger businesses.

As it is a dedicated line to your premise and not shared with anyone else – information and data will be more secure as you are on a fixed network of connectivity.

Benefits of faster broadband

Business productivity is completely dependent on how fast your broadband speeds are. The faster and more reliable your connection, the more efficient and productive your staff members will be. Workers can complete their tasks to the highest standard, with very little disturbances and no frustration.

Most smart devices or business machinery require an internet connection. Whether it is the computers, printers, telephones or more – devices powered by the broadband connection will work to full capacity with a fast and reliable internet connection.

For instance, VoIP telephony (internet powered telephony), is the UK’s leading form of business telecommunications. Businesses in rural areas would need to ensure that the working space is equipped with a high-quality broadband connection to assure these to work. This will guarantee the telecommunications system will work efficiently, resulting in a positive user experience and no lost business.


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