Is VoIP suitable for small businesses?

Posted on 8th June 2021 under Blog.

Small businesses will always be the foundation of what makes local and trustworthy businesses great! However, there will always be a challenge with competing against more larger and corporate businesses. But that does not mean smaller businesses cannot benefit from some of the same technology and features which the larger do.

VoIP telephony has been used for business purposes for many years, and it will continue to do so before becoming the primary source of telephony after it officially replaces the ISDN network in 2025.

So, how can VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) be used to benefit smaller businesses?

Assist in business growth and will not be outgrown

As a small business, a focus goal would be expansion – how can you gain more customers and grow in time. A useful benefit to know with VoIP is that as your businesses grows, you will never be too big for your telecommunications system. Your system will be able to help your business develop and grow whilst growing alongside it.

You will be able to add and remove users as you begin to grow, with the choice to purchase new handsets to accommodate with new staff numbers and adding them to the user-friendly portal is as easy as adding a contact to your mobile phone.

Is VoIP suitable for small businesses

Improves customer service and call handers efficiency

As a small business credibility is everything and keeping your customers satisfied plays a big role in keeping good credibility. What VoIP does is it allows your business to increase its customers care by opening it to new opportunities where customer satisfaction can be raised.

With VoIP’s feature-heavy software set it allows room for customer satisfaction to grow as VoIP features are designed to reduce the amount of missed calls. Reducing the amount of missed calls means less business opportunities missed as well as simultaneously keeping customers happy.

VoIP also grants users access to monitoring software, where calls can be tracked and reported on to ensure any calls that do go missed can be returned as soon as possible.

VoIP will save you money

Everyone likes to get their moneys worth out of their purchases, whether that is good value for money, a long-lasting product or investing into services that benefit or save you money.

This is where VoIP telephony comes into its own, as hosted calls are transmitted over an internet connection, meaning your business can make and receive as many calls as it likes, and it will cost you less than what it would to use a traditional telephone. (In some cases, VoIP telephony calls are even free.)

Most businesses are making the switch to VoIP for this reason alone, especially sectors who find themselves make a large amount of calls on a daily basis.

There are many reasons how a small business could benefit by upgrading their telephony systems to a hosted one. For many businesses who are unaware of what trending buzzwords such as VoIP, cloud and hosted telephony means, we are here to help you understand so you will not be faced with any telecommunication difficulties in the future.

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