Why is hotel WiFi so important?

Posted on 3rd June 2021 under Blog.

With people becoming more reliant on their internet connection, from business travellers to the social media lovers, an internet connection is vitally important. When people travel, whether it would be for business or pleasure, guests would be more influenced to stay at a hotel which can provide them a good internet connection.

Providing your guests with a good WiFi connection is the easy part, ensuring that your hotel’s WiFi has a good coverage can be the challenge. Guests demand a strong connection throughout the building to reduce the downtime for work or social sharing. business travellers who stay within a hotel would need a reliable connection throughout the hotel, so depending on which part of the hotel they are in they are able to stay online.

Why is hotel WiFi so important

Social media is free marketing

With social media playing a huge role in most people’s lives today, you’ll find a large majority of guests use social media platforms. So, providing a WiFi connection to your guests, your hotel will open endless opportunities for free marketing.

For guests who stay at your hotel most of them will share photographs and videos to their social media for friends, family and even strangers to view.

All it takes is one person to see the posts and like the look of your hotel or be influenced to book as they know their friends have had a positive experience at your hotel and you have made a new booking!

Who can provide hotel WiFi?

Where most UK homes are equipped with fibre broadband, hotels require something stronger to support the larger number of guests connected at one given time, with a core router and addition access points spread around the building, to increase its overall coverage.

We have all suffered the frustration of slow connectivity… Guests do not just want a connection; they want a stable and reliable connection where they are able to work and search the web with very little disruption or slow loading speeds.

DataKom are your communications and connectivity experts providing businesses and hotels all over the UK with a fast and reliable internet connection.

We’ll come to your hotel to discuss what you wish to achieve and how large of a coverage you will need. Depending on the size of your hotel will depend on how many access points will be needed to cover the entirety of the hotel. Once you are happy, we can begin the install for your hotel WiFi.

Once the install is complete and the hotel WiFi is running effectively, you will also be able to collect your guests details such as names and modes of contact for marketing purposes.

With tailored landing pages guests would be required to submit information such as their names, contact numbers and email address which you can then use to retarget them in the future.


Don’t risk missing out on these opportunities, contact us to arrange a free meeting to discuss supplying your hotel with an exceptional WiFi connection solution, call us on 01656 33 44 55 or email sales@datakom.co.uk.