1000 users join KloudPBX in 2018

Posted on 22nd March 2018 under News.

DataKom has added 1000 users to the KloudPBX platform to date in 2018.

DataKom has added 1000 users to the KloudPBX platform to date in 2018. This product is a fully cloud-based telephone system, developed by the company in partnership with Ericsson-LG.

KloudPBX is a hosted platform, with the same features as an on-premise phone system and suitable for any size business. The system is backed by DataKom’s own hosting platform, which guarantees call quality and reliability. Users also have the ability to integrate CRM systems and unify all communications.

Why the cloud?

BT recently announced plans to transfer all its users to an IP network by 2025, switching off the company’s ISDN network. ISDN allows both voice and data services to be delivered over digital lines simultaneously. When it was launched, ISDN was well-suited to businesses, as it could support early video-conferencing systems at the same time as an analogue phone line. For a time, it could also offer the fastest internet access available (128 kbps). ISDN is no longer the place to go for video-conferencing or a fast internet connection.

The switch-off means the entire voice network will be moved from ISDN to new technology VoIP (Voice over the internet). All businesses across the UK will need to be prepared for the ISDN switch off and migrate phone systems to the cloud before 2025.

DataKom announced plans to become a 100% cloud- phone system provider in October 2017.

Celebrations at DataKom to celebrate 1000 users

Sales Manager, Stuart Meikle comments:

“I am so proud of all the team from sales, marketing, projects, billing and engineering. Our company has fully embraced cloud telephony and recognised this as the future market leader. We are delighted to be educating our clients and they are also seeing the benefits of this innovative technology”.

Technical Director, Craig Jones embraces the cloud:

“Our cloud-based system is perfect for businesses who want a robust system with enterprise features such as CRM integration and voicemail to email. Users are able to self-manage the system with the simple web portal, allowing for quicker processes for any phone system changes. We also host regular KloudPBX webinars, providing extra value to our customers and to ensure they are fully benefitting from the features available”.

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