Transform your customer service with iCall Suite

Posted on 21st June 2018 under Blog.


iCall Suite is a call reporting and analytics application which integrates with your cloud-based phone system.

Organisations can monitor business call metrics by accessing real-time reports, intuitive dashboards and visual wallboards via live coloured tiles that are optimised for mobile devices.

This powerful tool produces a full suite of reports that are designed to give an accurate and useful analysis of your business communications – such as the percentage of incoming calls answered.

Having access to all that information means you can run your business more efficiently and identify any areas for improvement.

We take a look at our favourite features which can transform your customer service levels.

Identifying peak times

iCall suite from DataKom

Through iCall Suite, you are able to see the number of calls outside work hours as well as identifying your busiest times. Over 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back so it is essential to ensure all calls can be answered, re-routed or returned.

You then have the ability to take action, such as ensuring you have sufficient staff to work during your busiest times of the day.

From using iCall Suite we were able to discover that the volume of calls to the support desk from 8.15am to 8.45am was high. As a result of this information, the company opening times changed to ensure these calls are always answered – enhancing our customer service.

Unreturned missed calls

Do you know how much a missed call costs your business?

Just two missed calls a week equates to 104 potential lost sales each year – the seriousness of the situation becomes apparent. Even if you assume that one-third of those callers leave a message, you are still potentially losing 72 sales each year.

According to research, businesses lose around £90 million a year due to missed calls. Many SMEs can’t afford this missed business opportunity. Incoming calls simply need to be answered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Missed calls can lead potential customers to contact a competitor who’s more responsive.

iCall Suite’s missed call report identifies a list of missed calls and giving the opportunity to call the customer back. This call-management application could save your business hundreds of pounds a year.

The unreturned-missed-calls report will provide:

A list of callers who have not called back within a certain time period
Missed calls in real-time
The opportunity to quickly view and return missed calls


A wallboard is used to display key business analytics in real-time on a television or wallboard within an office.

When employees, management, and executives can view the same key metrics, the entire business is encouraged to work towards their targets and goals.

Seeing a drop-in performance or similar urgent issues can be addressed in real-time, rather than at the end of the month. Your team also saves time on reporting and meetings to discuss results.

It’s also a great way to celebrate success and the impact of your accomplishments on the bigger picture.

TV dashboards keep teams focused on key business analytics and help to promote data-driven decision making throughout an entire company.

Scheduled reports

iCall Suite provides an extensive catalogue of call statistics and displayed in pre-built reports. These can be customised and give a clear view of your business communications. You can create graphs from the data it collects to make your reports visually exciting and easy to understand.

Reports can be exported into excel files, PDF’s, CVS’s, and can be scheduled as a daily, weekly or monthly email. For example, the Managers from each department can be sent a daily report to view their team’s performance and identify any issues.

The Executive Summary report is great for busy Managing Directors, which collates data from multiple reports. Owners can view an instant snapshot of call activity and address any issues through in-depth business analytics that provide a valuable understanding of customers. By monitoring inbound and outbound calls, time spent queuing and how many times a customer has called with no response allows you to take action and make informed decisions.

In conclusion

Where your business provides customer service, aspects such as unanswered calls, call queuing and constant transfers all have the potential to damage your reputation.

Customer loyalty can depend on a number of factors. Ensuring that customers can quickly speak to someone in the event of a problem is an essential requirement for providing top quality support. Every unreturned missed call is a missed opportunity and can result in a dissatisfied customer.

Companies that analyse their business communications gain a significant advantage over competitors. With iCall Suite you can monitor call activity, manage service levels and make informed decisions, logging on from any location.

If you don’t have an application that records call statistics, you could be missing out on valuable data and business opportunities.

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