6 things to consider when moving office

Posted on 1st August 2018 under Blog.

Moving office can be a stressful time for any organisation. Whether you’re downsizing or looking for something with a bit more space, there are many considerations to take into account.

A seamless move can be hard to nail down but with the right planning and the correct resources, you can limit the amount of disruption it causes both your business and your colleagues.

Here are a few things you may not have thought about, but you’ll definitely need to consider when moving:

1. Keep your colleagues informed

Internal communications can easily be forgotten when you’re in a senior role but your colleagues will appreciate being kept in the loop.

Consider regular group meetings to outline the progress of the move and keep them informed on any important dates. Co-operation between employees of all levels is essential to a successful move.

2. Plan and stick to a budget

Moving office doesn’t come cheap and so you’ll have to be realistic about what your business can afford. Are you planning on buying new furniture or will you be reusing what you already have? The temptation to spend is a tough one to battle, so make sure you outline your budget at the beginning – and stick to it.

3. Consider the premises physical space

One of the most popular reasons businesses decide to move is the need for more (or less) space but it’s important you don’t just look for an office that suits your needs now. Consider the future and any further expansions plans you might have – you don’t want to be moving again in 12 months’ time.

4. Phone, network and computer cabling

Cabling can seem complex at the best of times but it’s a real essential if you want to maintain business continuity. Check if the network already exists for phones and computers and if it does, find out how it’s wired.

Pre-wiring the premises will save time and reduce disruption to your business. Always check how extensive the cabling is and if you need the budget for hiring an expert technician.

5. IT and phone system

Moving office can be a good opportunity to evaluate your phone system and upgrade if your business has grown. Are you currently getting the right service at the right price? Are there any new phone systems that can make your business communications more efficient?

Innovative telecoms like hybrid phones and cloud-based phone systems will put your business at the forefront of communication technology. At DataKom we offer telecom services that are bespoke to your business needs, keeping your objectives in mind.

6. Keep your clients informed

Before you move, you’ll want to make sure your clients and contacts are informed about your new business home. Think about simple things like email signatures, business cards and where your address features on your website. Moving office is stressful enough without having to chase lost mail.