What opportunities can technology offer the recruitment industry

Posted on 14th September 2018 under Blog.

The recruitment industry continues to grow year on year. In 2017 alone, Companies House recorded the launch of 5,824 new recruitment businesses, which was a 20% increase over the previous year.

Advances in digitalisation and a more dynamic UK job market is making it easier and more accessible than ever to set up a business. Out of all businesses registered in 2017, 72% were recruitment and self-employment played a key part in this growth.

Interestingly, 70% of job seekers use their smartphone to hunt for a job and only 47% of company websites are mobile optimised. Technology is a big part of the recruitment process – from the job searching process through to carrying out background checks and interviewing people.

We take a look at new technology trends which are helping the recruitment industry thrive.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing. DataKom

Cloud technology has transformed the way businesses use and store data. One of the biggest advantages is a shared data platform with instant access and quick response times.

The traditional process of sourcing, interviewing and hiring candidates is time-consuming with constant liaison between departments. A cloud-based recruitment tool allows you to integrate your systems all into one place that tracks and reports only relevant information for every person of interest.

The cloud brings benefits to any business and helps streamline processes in recruitment especially. This is why cloud software is implemented and utilised by companies, particularly start-ups and small businesses that specialise in recruiting services. They have the benefit of increased accessibility, greater flexibility, data security and ease of implementation.

Additionally, 64% of companies said the cloud helped them to reduce waste and lower energy consumption.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI DataKom

Research suggests HR departments often consider applicant screening as an exhausting and sometimes, frustrating task. In high volume recruiting scenarios such as retail and customer service, teams may find it difficult to screen thousands of CV’s.

AI tools can improve data accuracy and automatically match jobs to applicants. The recommendations are based on existing employee experience, qualifications and skill-sets, immediately identifying whether a candidate is suitable for the role.

AI systems have the ability to access information from public data sources on former employers and social media profiles. A study has found that 70% of employers actively use social media to screen prospective new hires.

AI will become much faster and more accurate than humans when handling the repetitive tasks of recruitment. Recruiters can assign candidates faster, develop the business and experience greater satisfaction in their workplace.

Mobile working

Mobile working with DataKom

61% of employees report working outside the office on a regular basis whilst using more than 3 devices daily.

A cloud-based phone system supports mobile working. Team collaboration can be maximised with an easy conference call set up across video, voice and mobile devices. Workers are contactable regardless of their location, ensuring a business still runs efficiently.

A user has the ability to self-manage their internal extension number and modify call settings by using their personal web portal. They can set their extension to operate from another handset or mobile and access direct dial numbers, phone number directory and voicemails. Calls made to their extension will route through to their chosen device and calls can still be transferred the same as being in the office – ensuring no missed business.

With our cloud-based phone system KloudPBX you have the ability to unite all teams, integrate applications, connect multiple office locations and mobile employees under one phone system.

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