Between business communication – how much of it is over the phone?

Posted on 2nd September 2019 under Blog.

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In the business world, communication is key – that’s why whatever mode of communication you use to connect with your customers and clients it needs to be its very best and easy for all the users to understand.

A whopping 80% of business communication takes place over the telephone, so it is vitally important that your business has the best telecommunication system suited for your needs – No matter if you’re a small or large business, every company needs a form of telephone communication.

So, what form of communication suits your business?

DataKom provide a wide range of business telephone systems and solutions to help you communicate with customers of any size company – with a choice of on-premise handsets, conference phones, business SMS messaging, and much more for you to take advantage of.

Why is business communication important?

Business communication is the sharing of information in an organisation either internally or externally – and there are many ways of executing this communication.

Whether it’s using the telephone, email, SMS messaging etc.

Whichever mode of business communication you are using, it needs to be performing at its very best for your business to achieve the most of that form of communication.

Customer communication is very important for every business, as it can create a positive customer relationship and potentially even make a sale.

If the customers experience contacting your business is clear and simple, customers will feel more entitled to continue engaging with you and potentially even become a loyal long-lasting customer.

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Using cloud for your telephony

KloudPBX is the future of telecommunications, integrating industry-leading technology such as Outlook, CRM systems, and staff mobile phones.

We make connecting your business, team & customers more effective and efficient without data loss.

KloudPBX has the benefits of an on premise-based telephone systems with the convenience & improved reliability via a hosted system.

With features such as mobile twining, call recording, on-hold music, voice attendant menus, conference calling and more.

There are a range of KloudPBX handsets and conference phones to suit all offices, big or small!

Finding the right telephone system

With a range of telephone systems and devices out there it can be hard to know which system will benefit your business.

To help you decide we have a products review page where members of our DataKom team have reviewed our telephone systems and solutions we provide to hopefully make that choice a lot easier for you.

With a choice of IP conference systems and iPECS handsets – we can provide the perfect device to benefit any business.

DataKom provide telephone communications to all businesses, no matter how big or small, as we know how important it is for businesses to have a reliable & tested product & partner.

To find out more get in touch by calling us on 01656 334455 or email for a free onsite demo.