Big milestones for a few at DataKom

Posted on 2nd October 2019 under News.

This month marks a big milestone for a few of our DataKom team members, both Jenny and Gareth share a work-aversary!



Jenny has been a part of the DataKom family for two years – working alongside the projects department and billing team as Operations Manager. Recently Jenny also made it as a finalist in the Leading Wales Awards 2019 – and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Jenny’s comments:

These past two years have flown at DataKom. I have loved working here as my role is so varied and I have learnt an incredible amount in a short space of time. DataKom is all about developing their people and I have benefited from this ethos. The people at DataKom have made the past 2 years so enjoyable. We work hard and play hard which gives a fantastic working environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 years and look forward to seeing what the next few years bring at DataKom.



This month, Gareth hits a mighty milestone of nine years as a help desk specialist at DataKom, WOW! Gareth joined us back in the year 2010 and from there on he has resolved an endless amount of customer queries – his support has gone a long way and will not go unnoticed!

Gareth’s comments:

It has been a good 9 years, although each day is the same there is never an identical day.

Seeing Datakoms growth from where it was when I joined – from the team, to where it is now has been an amazing thing!

Not many businesses can say they have had the stability and growth that we have, and to still be here all this time later is a testament to that stability.

I have seen faces come and go, customers come and go, but mostly customers continue a friendship to some degree, there is a great rapport that we have with a large section of our client base that makes them feel like an extended family.

Out team make an incredible impact to how Datakom operates – every person in every department is hugely valued and we look forward to the future to celebrate more of these milestones.