The evolution of business technology

Posted on 6th January 2020 under Blog.

This week is international technology week, so we thought there would be no better time to reflect back on a few popular modes of technology we all use, and also how they have evolved to become what we take for granted today.

Every piece of technology had a beginning, the start of its development – so below lists 4 of what we think to be the most common technology used in the modern day and how it has evolved.

Business technology

Computers & laptops

You can’t walk into a home, office or even most coffee shops and not find yourself a computer or laptop – they are one of the biggest modes of technology used in the modern business world today.

However, if you go back only 40 years you would find yourself in a world without computers and no internet… Then in the early 1980’s the first home computer was released to the public – shortly after, the world was forever changed when it was introduced to the internet!

From there on computers have advanced to become what we know and use daily to help accomplish tasks, educate ourselves and most importantly assist in business growth!


Business telephones and landlines

Who remembers the days of a rotary dial? you would roll your finger around the telephone to dial out to someone! Well those days are long gone with modern technology advancing business telecoms and other landlines.

Modern telephones and cloud-based systems (VoIP) tech have now over taken over all outdated traditional telephony communications allowing users to benefit, not just from high quality voice calling but also rich features to help save the user time and money.


Smart phones and tablets

People have adapted to a fast-paced lifestyle and need instant requirements, such as instant information, instant communication and more! Smart phones play a huge factor filling all these requirements.

Smart phones such as iPhones and Samsung grant people access to a whole world of information right at their fingertips. Literally!

However, this hasn’t always been the case, as the development in smart phones is still very new. Going back as little as 15 years ago (2005) smart phones had yet to start their journey into the advancement of recent smart phones such as the iPhone 11 – which contains 256 GB worth of storage, a 4K video recording, Apple pay, and many more advanced features we all expect today!


Video cameras

Video has become one of the most popular viewing platforms in the past 5 years, with huge social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all supporting videos – allowing people to watch, learn and even earn a living using a video camera.

Video hasn’t always been so assessable to everybody, before we were introduced to the smartphones and affordable camcorders people had to purchase an expensive video camera – and even then, the quality wasn’t what would be expected like todays cameras.



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