How important is high speed broadband for your business?

Posted on 4th September 2017 under Blog.

The internet is incredibly powerful in the modern business world, with many already embracing new technology. A high-speed connection is essential for efficient day to day operations such as using cloud based tools, IP telephony, applications and file transfers.

Unfortunately, without the right foundations, these products will struggle to work for a business – prompting lost confidence in newer technology and adopting the cloud.

But with a dependable, super-fast broadband connection a business can take full advantage of cloud-based tools to boost productivity, improve service quality and increase growth.


According to research nearly half of businesses agree if their broadband connection improved, it would allow them to use more cloud-based services, transfer large files and allow remote server access for employees. Applications such as Office 365 operate over the internet and can be stored on any device – with access to familiar tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All documents are stored online helping improve productivity – functional from any location, anytime.


Technology is always evolving, with companies using an increasing number of internet-capable devices including IP telephony, smart phones, tablets as well as cloud-based tools such as video conferencing, data storage, online payments and other e-commerce functions. Fibre optic broadband, for example, ensures sufficient bandwidth for a large number of employees without a drop in speed during busy times – improving the flow of communication and quality of service you offer to customers.


Although initial costs can be higher than standard internet lines it’s only when you are without a connection for 2-3 days you realise the cost of poor quality internet – be that through missed sales or unhappy customers.

Superfast broadband provides efficient improvements and cost savings, through developed online sales and marketing, improved online ordering and invoicing, enhanced video conferencing and VoIP services, and improved access to cloud-based services.

Remote working

By offering access to the business networks and cloud platforms improves flexibility – meaning multiple users can share a secure workspace and collaborate on projects from any location. With useful applications, you can quickly back-up your data remotely, ensuring peace of mind and secure, easy retrieval of documents.

Cloud-based phone system

Businesses can take advantage of a more flexible, advanced, futureproof communication solution – with the ISDN switch off approaching in 2025, all phone systems must be taken online. Updates and maintenance to KloudPBX are automatic so you’ll always have the latest technology available to maximise business efficiency. The system will continue to evolve at the same pace as technology does and your company will always be up-to-date.

Cloud-based phone systems run over a fast internet connection (Voip) – this call traffic is often prioritised and there’s no interference. High definition voice is standard across our Ericsson LG handset range meaning excellent call quality.

With a dependable VoIP connection, calls can be received from any portable device such as a laptop or mobile phone by linking up all equipment and in office computer applications. Perfect for businesses with multiple offices and field-based employees – resulting in effective unified communications.

High-speed broadband is very important to us as a business, and DataKom already embraces cloud technology in a massive way. From Office 365 and user applications to our telephone system being completely cloud-based (KloudPBX), we heavily rely on cloud-based systems.

We always recommend fibre broadband or a dedicated leased line to fully maximise tools, systems and productivity.