3 reasons why guest WiFi is a sound investment

Posted on 23rd April 2018 under Blog.


Research suggests that 78% of the public actively look for a public place where they can get connected. With many people now expecting to be able to go online when they visit places, businesses’ need to have guest WiFi is increasing.

When properly designed and implemented, it can be an effective way of driving both customer loyalty and revenue, without having to charge your users extra for the service. Guest WiFi is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to connect with guests and increase brand loyalty and sales.

We look at the three main reasons why it makes for a great business investment.

1. Sponsored landing pages and third-party advertising

Landing pages are the ideal place for sponsors to advertise their brand. All web traffic goes through them until the customer clicks through.

During the log-in process, they can connect with your brand on social media, as users are asked to post an optional message to their chosen social media platform. This generates extra exposure because their friends and family will be able to see it.

You can ensure the landing page is personalised for your users by choosing only to display promotions which will be of value to them. For example, if you own a sportswear store, a sponsored brand which would be of value to promote on your landing page may be an offer at a physiotherapy clinic. Presenting an offer from a brand you’ve partnered with could be useful to users who are interested in similar products or services.

Datakom:GuestWiFi allows businesses to put their logo on the landing page of every visitors’ phone, creating even more brand awareness.

2. Marketing and selling your services and products

When guests register for WiFi you can use their mobile number and email (if they’ve opted in) to engage with them in real time about special deals. You can then target a specific area of your business which you want to generate more income from.

This also allows you to use the customer’s information after they’ve left your business’s premises. In the future, they can be targeted with promotions, events, relevant content – all based on their profile.

For example, if a customer walks into a shop and their phone automatically connects to the guest WiFi, they could get a push notification offering 15% off when buying something from the store. WiFi networks offer an entirely new way to engage with your audience as well as an opportunity to make data-driven decisions that generate more revenue.

3. Promoting brand loyalty schemes

Images and logo credit: SUBWAY®

A loyalty scheme can be a great way to maintain your relationships with customers and offer value.

You could present benefits which are only available if the user signs up to guest WiFi. This could include a point and reward system where the guest can use the points for what they need or want at the time. These could include room upgrades, use of the gym or meeting-room facilities.

For example, Subway promoted its loyalty scheme by giving away a free 6-inch sandwich to every guest who logged into its WiFi at participating locations in Northern Ontario. After joining for the first time, guests received a notification containing a coupon to redeem a 6-inch sandwich of their choice. Once customers opted-in, the network remembers their details, and each subsequent visit is an opportunity to offer them additional rewards. This was a way to show appreciation for their loyalty to the brand and improve customer retention.

Business owners can take advantage of the increase in demand for Wi-Fi on the go with our Guest:WiFi solution.

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