5 benefits of call recording for SMEs

Posted on 3rd October 2017 under Blog.

Recording calls through a call recording system is a cost-effective solution to better understanding the needs of your customers.

Calls are saved in the businesses cloud and are easily accessed. DataKom’s cloud-based systems come with call recording capabilities, without the need of dedicated equipment in the office.

It’s a good asset for small to medium enterprises to have. Read on to discover how a call recording system could seriously benefit your business.

1. Provide better customer service and care

Customer complaints can be resolved before escalating.

With careful observations come better customer service and satisfaction. You can replay any parts of the conversation that you may have misheard.

Customer care is improved as the members of your team can gain intelligence on their customers’ needs, perceptions and opinions. This means that they will understand the specific query and overall market.

71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service, so it’s a big deal to get it right.

2. Improve scripts, business processes and call handling

Call recording means you can review how scripts perform, and make appropriate improvements. This can then feed into making your business processes more efficient and improved call handling. Particularly if working in a call centre, this information could be vital to securing business.

Improving call scripts shouldn’t be taken lightly. Only a small 1% improvement in response rates means an annual operational savings of £210,000 for the average call centre.

By using a cloud system such as DataKom’s, you could also see a rise in operational savings.

3. Better sales training

The most established sales teams use call recordings leverage for their rep training and sales process.

Training a new sales rep is a time-consuming process. But, by using VoIP this could be made easier. Through listening to examples of calls, the inexperienced member of the team will soon understand the teams’ tactics and their outcomes.

This spreads further as sales managers are able to get an insight to how each member of their team during a call.

In a call centre, an employee is 95% of your value. If you have access to a tool (call recording system) that can increase the value of 95% of your company assets through providing sales training, it would be a missed opportunity.

In a competitive world, it’s vital to make your sales team as strong as possible.

4. Staff performance reviews

Reviewing your staff’s progress and performance is made possible by having a call recording system.

Managers and supervisors can analyse their staff to view how they compare against company standards.

80% of call centre agents receive feedback on their performance every month, or more often. You can review their greeting, communication style, the tone of voice, knowledge of employees, competence in performing the task and the close of the call.

5. Legal liability

In the case of legal proceedings, call recordings can be used as vital evidence in the dispute. This evidence that call recordings provide of the verbal conversations may be the difference between no liability and a costly payout.

A 2014 report on the costs overseas discovered that businesses with fewer than 20 employees pay an average of just over £8,000 per employee in regulatory cost. So, any software which could save your own company money is going to be an asset.

Does the call recording system comply with legislation?
Call recording is legal in the UK, but it’s governed by a number of different pieces of UK legislation.

According to the Data Protection Act 1988’s call recording laws, in order to record a call where the company is allowed to identify the identity of either involved parties, it must:

  • Inform the other party how the recording will be used
  • Obtain permission for the call to be recorded
  • Keep data in a secure location – accessible when requested

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