5 reasons why solicitors should adopt the cloud

Posted on 29th May 2018 under Blog.


Law firms have largely operated in the same way for generations. But with a change in client needs, the demand for better value and the rise of new technology are pushing the legal sector in new directions.

There’s a sense that businesses must adapt to survive. Change can be unsettling, but law firms should understand the environment they’re moving into and the value of revolutionising today for tomorrow’s market.

Traditional phone systems are often costly and offer insufficient communication within your business. As many as 80% of business owners are now opting for the cloud in some form to bring unified communications to the workplace.

We’ve identified the major benefits solicitors can achieve from implementing a cloud-based telephone system.

CRM integration

Many solicitors are likely to use legal management software which contains a database of all your client information. A CRM’s primary purpose is to organise and manage all of your customer information, activities, and conversations.

A cloud-based phone system can synchronise with your database software. It has the ability to instantly identify your client’s phone number and information. It will display their name before you pick up the phone – saving valuable time compared to a manual database search.

Furthermore, you ­can greet your existing clients by their name, presenting an excellent level of service and professionalism.

Supports remote working

An increasing number of law firms are offering their teams the opportunity to work remotely. With half the UK workforce predicted to adopt flexible working by 2020 – how do you ensure everyone stays connected?

With KloudPBX a user can self-manage their internal extension number and modify call settings by using their personal web portal. They can set their extension to operate from another handset or mobile and access direct dial numbers, phone number directory and voicemails. Calls made to their extension will route through to their chosen device and calls can still be transferred the same as being in the office – ensuring no missed business.

Innovation plays a big part in agile working, allowing solicitors to work remotely to a greater extent. Cutting-edge systems allow everyone to manage their time more effectively.

Enhanced collaboration

Conference calling allows multiple people to join a call at any one time – via PC, laptop mobile phone or handset. Whether the callers are in the same office, in different cities, or halfway across the globe, a conference call will mean you can keep connected instantly.

Technology has dramatically improved along with enhanced call quality. A user can seamlessly collaborate with another person on a project, regardless of being in separate locations – resulting in instant problem solving and decision making.

Call recording

Recording calls through a call recording system is a cost-effective solution to better understanding the needs of your customers.

DataKom’s cloud-based systems feature call recording capabilities, without the need of dedicated equipment in the office and simple to access.

In the case of legal proceedings, call recordings can be used as vital evidence in the dispute. This evidence that call recordings provide of the verbal conversations may be the difference between no liability and a costly payout.

Smarter communications

KloudPBX gives the flexibility to efficiently respond to any business situations and user needs. Perhaps your company is experiencing a higher volume of calls than usual or you need to work from home. Modifications can be managed in the user portal without occurring additional costs or the need to call your telecom provider.

A cloud phone system will change how your office communicates. Here are some of the most popular features:

  • Auto attendant – a professional greeting for a person calling your phone number, ensuring that every call is routed and answered.
  • Voicemail to email – instead of calling a number to hear your voice messages, you can listen to a recording of your voice message within your inbox
  • Mobile extensions – allows for access to phone system via smartphone or other devices
  • Call reporting – greater insight and control of your systems communications resources like call reporting, call recording, desktop call control and more
  • Transfer calls – to any extension and any site
  • Overflow – calls to main reception can reroute to any other users if busy or after a specific number of rings
  • With our cloud-based phone system KloudPBX you have the ability to unite all teams, integrate applications, connect multiple office locations and mobile employees under one phone system. If you have a new office opening or new member of staff you can simply connect them to your KloudPBX system.

Embracing change and tackling future challenges means thinking and working differently. This means greater fluidity between departments on a scale we’ve never seen before.

Contact us for more information about how KloudPBX can benefit your business and set you ahead of the competition in the legal sector.