The benefits of self-managing your cloud-based phone system

Posted on 28th February 2018 under Blog.


Our cloud-based phone system, KloudPBX is feature-rich. You can experience all the benefits of an on-premise telephone system with the convenience of a hosted one with attributes such as CRM integration, voicemail to email and unified communications.

With KloudPBX you have the ability to access all these features using the web link allocated when signing up. There are so many options available to manually make changes to the phone system. There are two types of online portals: the management portal is used to make changes to the entire phone system and the user portal is for individual adjustments to a specific handset. Modifications can be made from any device with an internet connection – as long as you have your login details to access the portal.

But why would you need to modify settings yourself once the system is set up? We explore the benefits of self-managing your phone system.


KloudPBX gives the flexibility to efficiently respond to any business situations and user needs. Perhaps your company is experiencing a higher volume of calls than usual or you need to work from home. Modifications can be managed in the user portal without occurring additional costs or the need to call your telecom provider.

You can:

  • Divert your calls to another destination if you’re out of the office.
  • Add additional extension numbers to cover specific call groups during busy periods and easily remove them when no longer required.
  • Set time schedules. If your office closes during bank holidays you can activate voicemail or set call diverts for specific dates.
  • Operate voicemail to email. Voicemails are converted to an mp4 file and received as an attachment to a chosen email, meaning no missed calls.
  • If your company decides on an early finish you can change day and night mode settings. The phone system is programmed to operate differently depending on the time of day.

Improve customer service

Research shows that missed calls cost businesses an average of £90m per year in revenue. Each missed call is worth on average a huge £1,200 and with 85% of customers will not call back its crucial to ensure no calls are missed.

If the office is unoccupied, you have the power to divert calls to another destination such as a mobile. This a great tool for workers regularly out on the road or those who provide support outside office hours.

Understandably, there are situations where a call can’t be answered. In this instance, you can set a personal voicemail message with each member of staff able to log in to their extension portal. Users can listen to messages from here or set voicemail to email, ensuring messages are picked up as soon as possible, enhancing your customer service.

Support business growth

Your business can save time by using your online portal to add new users and assign flex keys (the buttons on your handset). Employees can be removed or added to multiple departments, each with its own answering rules, voicemail inbox, and on-hold message.

You can also create and edit a full company directory based on in-use numbers, enabling callers to quickly find the right person the first time.

Research shows 48% of UK businesses waste three hours or more a day working with inefficient systems, which over a year costs the average UK business at least £28,000. You can spend less time on the small tasks and concentrate on supporting your business growth.

Remote working

Companies are becoming increasingly mobile. 77% offer flexible working and 45% hot-desking, so ensuring calls aren’t being missed is crucial.

With KloudPBX, every extension is fully featured and can work independently like a direct phone number, so employees don’t have to rely on anyone else to make changes. Instead, a user can modify their own call settings with their personal user portal.

A user could set their extension to operate from another handset or mobile. This way any calls made to their extension will route through to their chosen device.

Additionally, every number has its own dedicated voicemail inbox, ensuring no one ever misses an incoming message

Unified communications

With KloudPBX you have the ability to unite all teams, integrate applications, connect multiple office locations and mobile employees under one phone system. If you have a new office opening or new member of staff you can simply connect them to your KloudPBX system.

You can:

  • Connect new employees to your system directly from any device
  • Sync contacts and schedules with Microsoft Outlook
  • View user status, e.g. busy
  • Access video calls from your handset or smartphone
  • Make calls from wherever you are in the world

At DataKom we encourage our customers to self-manage their KloudPBX phone system. We even offer complimentary webinars where a member of the support team gives a live presentation of the user portal. Register here.

If you would like to find out more, book a KloudPBX demo with us today.