3 cloud technology trends which support remote working

Posted on 28th June 2018 under Blog.

New technologies are driving traditional workplaces to transform and support smarter, flexible working.

There has been a significant rise in flexible working over the years. Research suggests that 70% of organisations will have adopted flexible working by 2020, while businesses who have already implemented technology to support mobile working have reported a 50% increase in productivity.

Furthermore, an increasing number of companies now conduct business on a global scale, so it is essential to ensure everyone is communicating effectively. Working closely with a company in Europe, USA or Asia poses a number of significant challenges such as compliancy with different legislations across different time zones.

With the right communication technology in place, all employees regardless of their physical location can connect with each other from any location. Conference calling, video chats, instant messaging and content sharing are just a few of the possibilities available.

Here are three cloud technology trends available to your business today which support remote working.

Cloud storage

File sharing apps and services help users to share and receive multiple files from other computers or devices via the internet. This allows you to move beyond time zone and geographic location issues. An estimated 75% of UK businesses have currently adopted cloud file sharing.

Cloud-based storage makes it easy to share important files within your company, or outside your company. Files stored are fully encrypted, so even if your computer breaks, you can log on and access files from another device.

Employees can share work files and data in the cloud. By adopting cloud computing, everyone can collaborate on the same files which are always up to date.

Projects can be managed easily and more efficiently. Instead of having to track down a particular person working on the project, they can simply log into the cloud for the latest update.

Mobile apps to stay connected on the go

The majority of people own a mobile phone. With so many apps available, why not take advantage of them and use them for your business?

There are endless solutions that make everything from conference calls and project planning to video calling and cloud accounting.

By using mobile apps, you can allow your employees to stay connected on the go, meaning they can work from home or another site, regardless of geographic location.

Unified Communications is the concept of all your telecom products working together. With our UC app you can take calls on your mobile from your office handset while working remotely or listen to your voicemail messages from Outlook. Rather than having multiple systems working against each other, you can increase efficiency through unified communication apps.

Cloud-based phone system

Our cloud-based phone system KloudPBX supports remote working and gives the flexibility to efficiently respond to any business situations and user needs. A user can self-manage their internal extension number and modify call settings by using their personal web portal.

If working away a user can simply set their extension to operate from another handset or mobile and access direct dial numbers, phone number directory and voicemails. Calls made to their extension will route through to their chosen device and calls can still be transferred the same as being in the office – ensuring no missed business.

Technology has dramatically improved along with enhanced call quality. A user can seamlessly collaborate with another person on a project, regardless of being in separate locations – resulting in instant problem solving and decision making.

With KloudPBX you have the ability to unite all teams, integrate applications, connect multiple office locations and mobile employees under one phone system. If you have a new office opening or new member of staff you can simply connect them to your cloud-based phone system.

In conclusion

Mobile working tools allow your employees to access and input information, collaborate on projects, and stay in touch with colleagues, all via internet-enabled mobile devices, wherever they may be.

The potential and benefits for your business are considerable. By giving your employees the freedom to work wherever they happen to be, you will be increasing productivity within your organisation. This means more efficiency, increased cost savings and a happier workforce.

Providing your employees with the chance to be more flexible in the way that they work will be as beneficial for them as it will be for your business too.