10 things we love about the new KloudPBX conference phone

Posted on 20th July 2018 under Blog.

10 things we love about the new KloudPBX conference phone
Voice conversations remain the primary and most direct way we interact with others. Working remotely is on the rise and conference calling is a popular communication method to stay in touch.

The new KloudPBX conference phone is a leader in VoIP innovation and offers a unified communication solution to help improve business efficiency. The phone features the power of the Android 5.1 operating system with a wide range of features and end users can benefit from enhanced sound quality. It is great for any team environment, especially for a medium to large conference room.

Here are 10 things we love about the new KloudPBX conference phone.

1. Clear call quality

Clear call quality provides distraction-free meetings thanks to high-quality equipment and HD voice technology. This doubles the frequency of a call, which means you’ll hear less muffled voices.

2. Know exactly who is speaking during the call

A virtual meeting room interface enables up to multiple-party conferencing. Organisers can also create meetings with the push of a button. In fact, it’s possible to invite or join participants without having to pause or interrupt an ongoing conversation.

The phone will even automatically display a caller’s information when they speak into the microphone – which is easier for large conference calls to know who is speaking.

3. No background noise

This conference phone integrates with noise proof technology, which effectively eliminates any background noise during a conference call. The phone also automatically mutes the microphone when someone is not speaking and turns back on when a human voice is detected in the room.

4. Large colour touchscreen

The 5-inch, high-resolution 1280×720 multi-touch screen provides a fast and smooth user experience. Here you can access settings, download applications and add additional users to conference calls.

5. 360-degree voice pickup

This conference phone offers a 20-foot wide and 360-degree voice pickup, for a full audio experience. Voice pickup distance can be increased to as much as 60 feet using a pair of wireless microphones. This means you can walk around whilst on a call.

6. Use more than one device

This phone enables the Hybrid UC Meeting for extra convenience. You can use a mobile phone or pc-based softphone and route calls directly to the phone using a USB or Bluetooth connection.

7. You can add third-party apps

The Android operating system means you can easily integrate third-party applications, enhancing its usability and fulfilling user needs.

8. The phone is easy to set up

This plug-and-play model is extremely easy to deploy, simple to use, and will save your IT department time for other tasks.

9. Built-in WiFi

The device can simply connect to your wireless network so you can link to other devices, access websites and download third-party applications.

10. Extra features allow for extreme flexibility

There are many additional features including a 10-hour local call recording, call forwarding and Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, it has a 3.5 mm jack for optimal voice output, as well as two optional microphones and power over Ethernet functionality.