5G is Here!!

Posted on 31st May 2019 under News.

The 5G network has just been launched in the UK, so far only covering five cities, London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast. After 4G, it is the next generation of the mobile networks. With its very high connection speed that is more reliable and also has low latency, which means someone can download, browse, steam and play games faster and in better quality. It has an average download speed of about 1Gbps (billions of bits per second) or more, meaning that downloading an entire HD movie can be done in a matter of seconds.


What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, which follows the previous mobile generation 4G. Compared to today’s networks 5G is set to be far faster and more reliable, with great capacity and lower response times.

5G has evolved to become one of the most coveted mobile networks. Apart from being faster compared to the previous ‘G’s, it is scheduled to give way for other cases of mobile data.

Introducing super-fast mobile broadband with no need for landlines, the arrival of the 5G network allows devices such as smart TV’s, mobiles, laptops, computers and much more to run faster and smoother with very little, to no interruptions.

Benefits of 5G

5G technology is more efficient and effective with advanced speeds which are twenty times faster than 4G. Which means online tasks can be done with very few disturbances. An increase of bandwidth means faster speed. With more people able to use this increased bandwidth, some people may worry about their speeds on a 5G network, but this will be a problem of the past as people using a 5G network will be able to browse the web, download files and even stream at rapid speeds.

How can 5G benefit your business?

The reliable and instant connections make working in remote areas for business possible. Collaboration with other businesses are likely to use the approach which will be able through the speeds that are consistent and manageable. Conference calls can be held wherever, and employees can be located anywhere around the globe.

5G is going to increase the accessibility of the 5G’ technology. This means both the business and the economy will be more resilient, innovative and competitive.

On the innovation part, the business will be able to develop more interactive. ‘Virtual reality’ technology will help customers get the most dynamic video experience that no other network can offer.

Through the holographic’ 5G’ projection, users will be able to view through 3D video without necessarily using the 3D’ glasses. Also, it will enable businesses avail presentations in 3D’ during conferences, meeting, and events.

The network can offer many opportunities to help improve traditional companies or industries, for example detection done by using sensors in the sectors of agriculture and give information on moisture and fertilisation needs.

Connecting devices such as a cloud-based phone system have been able to increase the evolution of how business is carried out. The management of production can be done remotely and effectively, hence increasing the speed of the deliveries to various customers through the connection of various processes.

These features could bring a number of benefits for businesses of all sizes. With faster internet speeds which can hugely increase the overall profits of any business. 5G can improve the productivity of a business allowing them to work more quickly and efficiently, resulting in an increase of revenue.

5G will bring great advantages to both small and large business, although it may not happen over a single night. It will greatly help towards the advancement of businesses and developing for the future.