Apple to release 5G iPhone (At last)

Posted on 22nd August 2019 under News.

With the recent launch of the next generation ‘5G’ we are all wondering when high-street giant Apple will be introducing it to their mobile stable. Are we in for a long wait? Will it be worth the wait? Questions that won’t be answered until that time comes…

iPhone 5G

When will the next iPhone be released?

After the successful launch of the innovative iPhone X, we are all, as always egger to see what Apple have to release next – especially now that 5G is live. There are a few reasons for the delay in its release, but these have since been rectified. Rumour has it Apple’s 5G iPhone will arrive in the second half of 2020, the next generation iPhone will be one of their biggest changes for Apple in a while, bringing super-fast data to all users on their new mobile device.

It appears that Apple 2020 smartphones will be compatible with 5G networks – allowing users to access super-fast, reliable internet connection which can download and upload in a matter of seconds. 5G will be a huge step in technology advancement by allowing users to work, socialise, stream content at a incredible fast speed!

Benefits of 5G

5G can be hugely beneficial to nearly every user, whether you’re a sales person, Director of a large company or a small business.

5G has its advantages to suit all who wish to use it, allowing them to surf the web, work or play at a speed that we are not yet used to.

However, 5G will be more beneficial to the working person out and about away from a Wi-Fi signal for a lengthy time in need of a data connection whilst on the move. Additionally with the Prime Ministers promises to improve UK internet speeds 5G will go hand in hand and benefit many people across the UK and the globe to work more efficiently at a rapid pace.