Are telephones still valuable to businesses?

Posted on 28th January 2020 under Blog.

Now we are in the year 2020, there are endless ways in which businesses are able to connect with customers – search engines, social media, videos, websites and so many more ways.

So, is there space for telephony in this new and modern world?

Communication over the telephone is proven to be one of the most effective modes of business communication today, but what are the best ways to embrace new technology into business telephony?

Let us take a look at the reasons why phone calls are still very important for businesses and how you can make the most out of your system.

Are telephones still valuable to businesses

Using a Cloud-based telephone system to improve your business

Cloud is the future – and DataKom’s KloudPBX system uses industry-leading technology backed up with award-winning support.

With robust software and hardware, you get a reliable platform that is feature-rich and future-proof.

With a cloud-based telephone you can experience all the benefits of a premise-based telephone system, however, with the convenience of a hosted one. The cloud-based phone system is perfect for businesses big or small who want a robust solution with all the latest features.

Cost friendly

One of the biggest benefits of installing a cloud-based telephone (VoIP) system is that the solution runs entirely on your internet connection – meaning there will be a lower spend on telecommunications as your telephone lines run across the internet.

Installing a fibre line or another high-speed internet connection, you will receive 24/7 access to the internet, which you telephone system will run off. Your phone calls will be at a very low-cost (often free).

Instant communication and information

Building trust between a business and its consumers takes time, however it is valuable time that can make your brand stronger than anyone else’s.

54% of people prefer human interaction when making a purchase from a business!

By installing a telephone system which not just benefits your business but also allows your customers to have instant communication with you, assists in building trust and educating callers to encourage them to purchase from you in the future.


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