ISDN to be Phased out from 2020 – what do I do?

Posted on 31st January 2020 under News.

To all unaware – the ISDN network is being phased out from the year 2020, and all users of this network are having to seek an alternative phone line solution.

BT will begin with a cease in supply in 2020, then intend to switch off the entire network by the year 2025, making ISDN permanently obsolete.

Why is the ISDN network being phased out?

To begin – let us start by addressing why the network is being switched off – the ISDN switch off marks the next development of telecommunications technology, allowing new telecom technology advancements.

The phase out will begin in 2020 with BT no longer accepting orders or upgrades on current ISDN systems – then over the next 5 years the system will come to a complete stop.

If you currently have a traditional ISDN/PSTN based system, now is a great time to investigate alternatives – and what many businesses don’t realise is just how beneficial new telephony systems can be!


Have no fear - VoIP is here

Users of ISDN should not fear, as there are solutions which help them avoid the switch off – so what are they?

VoIP – IP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the newest in telecommunications technology, advancing businesses into the digital age by future-proofing their telephony!

VoIP works by allowing users to make calls using the internet, rather than using a traditional system (ISDN) – meaning calls cost next to nothing to make. All you need to supply your business with a VoIP solution is a reliable broadband or fibre connection, and away you go!


There are still over 2 million businesses using the ISDN network. However, there is still time to make the switch to VoIP – avoiding communication challenges in the future.

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