Why your business needs to upgrade to VoIP in 2020

Posted on 24th December 2019 under Blog.

The way in which people communicate is always changing, for instance in 1876 the first ever telephone was invented, allowing people to interact and communicate whilst being apart from each other.

Then in 1972 the world’s first email was sent, this was the next step in instant communication – however it was not achievable for everyone at this point in time.

In today’s modern world, sending an email or making a phone call might seem basic, although there are ways in which you can make it even easier and even more cost friendly, especially if you are running a business!

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Introducing VoIP!

VoIP or also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows users to make free or very low-cost calls over an internet connection. VoIP in a business allows the user to have an on-premise telephone handset, and multiple phone lines all connected like a traditional system, but at lower call costs & less onsite hardware to maintain or buy!

What benefits can VoIP provide to a business?

Reduce cost

VoIP comes with many great advantages, a major one being its low running cost – VoIP users pay next to nothing for calls as all phone lines run over an internet connection, saving money in the long run as you will only be paying for an internet connection not for the amount of calls you make or phone lines you need.

Oh and don’t forget you also save on maintenance costs by removing the need for an on premise phone system.

High quality

Most non-VoIP users might be doubtful that the call quality might be poor or worse than traditional phone lines – as VoIP relies on an internet connection – however VoIP telephones have incredible high audio quality for all incoming and outgoing calls for both using the handset and on loud speaker.

As most properties/businesses will have fibre broadband at the premise now, a VoIP telephone would be suitable for most office environments. Alternatively with the launch of 5G, fibre might not necessarily be needed in the near future.


Implementing VoIP into a working office can have its benefits to all who wish to use the system – allowing the workforce to become more flexible by accessing features such as mobile twinning and voicemail to email. Meaning staff can come and go the office and are still able to receive business calls – maintaining excellent customer service, and avoiding lost business opportunities.

Future proof

Next year (2020) the ISDN network will be no longer be sold or updated in some locations, and currently (2019) there are still over 2 million users on an ISDN telephone system – come 2025 the network will be switched off entirely for all areas… so businesses using ISDN will have to seek for a whole new solution!

So, by upgrading your business to VoIP this will allow your business to avoid these challenges in the near future – meaning your business telephony is secure for the future.


If you would like to upgrade your business to a VoIP solution, then make sure you get in touch with DataKom by calling us on 01656 33 44 55 or you can email our sales team at sales@datakom.co.uk