How can you migrate your law firm to the cloud

Posted on 24th February 2020 under Blog.

Transiting to a cloud-based phone system is a step all businesses will need to consider in the near future.

The telecom industry is moving to a world of all internet-based voice communications after BT announced they will be switching off the PSTN and ISDN network by 2025. This means an internet-based network will be in place to transmit all call traffic and business phone systems will need to support this new network.

While the many benefits of a cloud-based phone system are becoming vastly more understood, any upgrade to your company’s infrastructure needs to be carefully weighed up.

We take a look at why the cloud is so beneficial for modern businesses, and how well do these advantages translate to the specific needs of your law firm.

the cloud

What is a cloud-based phone system?

The primary difference between traditional systems and hosted telephony is that cloud-based systems do not require on-premises hardware.

Cloud technology uses the internet to make and receive phone calls instead of a traditional ISDN phone line.

Cloud-based phone systems use VoIP – which offers a wide range of additional features such as call recording, receiving voicemails by email, call forwarding and unified communications. This is the ability to access the system on multiple devices such as a mobile, tablet and desktop.

Peace of mind

The benefit of a hosted system in this respect is that your provider will handle general system updates and maintenance. However, it is important to implement further security measures, just as you would in any other situation. This includes employing sophisticated multi-layer encryption protocols, arranging regular back-ups of your data, and setting out terms for the secure use of mobile devices within your network especially with the introduction of GDPR.

Mobility and consistency

Being able to provide an unbroken service is extremely valuable, as it not only enables you to handle cases more efficiently, but also builds trust with your clients. This means clients have the peace of mind that they can call up at any time, and immediately be put in touch with someone who has access to all the relevant details related to their enquiry.

Furthermore, the ability to liaise with clients via video calls affords all the benefits of “face-to-face” communication, even if they are unable to meet with you in person. This creates a vastly more personal experience, and allows you to develop greater rapport and understanding, without inconveniencing your client. 

Ultimately, BT’s announcement of its plans to phase out the ISDN Network by 2025 means the functional benefits of switching to hosted telephony are not the only reasons to embrace this technology sooner rather than later. By considering your options now, you can stay one step ahead of those competitors who have yet to make the transition.


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