How to future proof your business!

Posted on 9th October 2019 under Blog.

If you’re among the 2 million businesses that still have an ISDN connection, you should really now be starting the journey to upgrading to cloud-based telephony sooner rather than later. Here are some top tips to consider:


  • Find out when your contract is due to end or be renewed – this will give you an idea of when you can make the switch to a VoIP solution, which will give you your own deadline for research.
  • Don’t be tempted to automatically renew your existing contracts for the sake of an easy life – entering into another long-term contract with your current supplier will see you with an out-dated system as soon as you sign! You don’t want to risk being left behind.
  • Switch to a cloud telephony services as soon as you can to be released from your current contracts – this will save you a great deal of money and time in the long run.
  • Begin growing new users and clients onto a cloud system – even if you haven’t fully migrated onto the cloud as a business yet, it is better to set up new users on this system rather than waste time and money adding them to the legacy system, only for this to be scrapped.
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New businesses - how to future-proof your start-up

If you’re in the process of setting up a brand-new business, make sure you take the following points into account to prevent setting up an already outdated company:

  • Pay attention to where you’re setting up – if you’re moving into shiny new offices, make sure you do it in an area with strong internet connectivity, to ensure a reliable cloud telephony service. You need access to a reliable Wi-Fi network or 4G (soon to be 5G) as if you’re in a poorly serviced or remote area you will fall at the first hurdle.
  • Don’t buy outdated hardware – with the ISDN switch-off almost upon us, there’s no point investing in outdated hardware like traditional desk phones and phone lines. All of this will be obsolete in the very near future, so you’ll just be wasting your money.
  • Set up with cloud telephony – the future of voice communications rests in the cloud, so start your business with a cloud-based telephony service to ensure you won’t be left behind. This will allow you to work from anywhere, grow and integrate your team seamlessly, save an enormous amount of money on lines and contracts and maintain high levels of productivity at all times.
  • Whether you’re an existing business or budding entrepreneur, making a move towards the cloud is the best thing you could do if you want to stay one step ahead of the future of telecoms.

If you would like your business to be future proofed – make sure you contact DataKom to help in keeping your telephony secure – 01656 33 44 55 or email