Overcome your fear of the cloud (VoIP)

Posted on 9th March 2020 under Blog.

Switching to a cloud-based solution comes with lots of advantages. VoIP telephony is one of the most modern telephony technologies that allows you to make your phone calls over the Internet or Local Area Networks.

Most business owners tend avoid this phone system due to perceived risks and other fears. 

Let’s see some of the major advantages of VoIP to help you overcome your fear of the cloud.

Overcome Your Fear of the Cloud
  1. Lower Tariffs

One very important advantage of using cloud telephony for your business communication needs is the low costs associated with this technology. Adopting a VoIP phone system is an easy way companies can cut down on costs. Switching to the VoIP system will lower your phone bills considerably.


  1. Higher Accessibility

One of the most important benefits of VoIP to your business is accessibility. Cloud-based VoIP offers you the opportunity to make your calls from wherever you are. You can take your calls anywhere provided you have a reliable internet connection – you can also redirect calls to other cloud-based handsets when taking on the telephone.

The remote accessibility cloud-based (VoIP) offers make it a more flexible option for your business telephony needs. This technology makes it possible for your employees to work from anywhere and still be productive. With a good smartphone and a stable internet connection – employees do not need to work on premise or in an office, employees then become remote workers. This is ideal for sales people whom are out on the road frequently.


  1. VoIP is popular for its compatibility

VoIP allows you to make use of the same telephone number anywhere you go. If you are a heavy traveller, you don’t need to worry about changing your phone number every time you go to a new location. You can simply retain the same number, making it easier to work remotely.


  1. Greater Scalability

Scalability is one of the major factors that make VoIP ideal for new business owners.

What does scalability mean?

Having a VoIP system eliminates the problem of having to invest in expensive hardware or more dedicated phone lines as your business gets bigger.


  1. Clearer Voice Quality

Gone are the days when VoIP had very low voice quality. Today, once you have a stable internet connection, you won’t have any issues with audio quality. 

VoIP calls are always as clear as and crisp, with no lag or call drop issues. To receive the best of quality VoIP calls, the only thing you need is a robust and reliable internet connection and a way you go!



  1. Enhances Multitasking

VoIP gives you the chance to send images, documents, and even videos while engaged in a conversation.

This means you can hold your business meetings with your employees and clients from any part of the world. VoIP is ideal for conference calling or long-range global calls.


  1. Upgrading is Quick, Easy and Painless

Many think a VOIP upgrade will be hard, phones will be offline for a long time and they have to do all the transfers themselves….. This is NOT the case. DataKom provide all the reassurance, setup advice and guidance to ensure a smooth and easy transition.


If you have always been afraid of the cloud, you don’t have to be anymore. The advantages far outweigh the risks and disadvantages. So, make the switch to VoIP today.

To learn more about VoIP and our cloud-based telephones at DataKom, make sure you contact us to speak with our cloud communication experts – 01656 33 44 55 or email us sales@datakom.co.uk.